4 To the Snow Wind Family.

    Glory City, Snow Wind Orphanage

    Ye Shuo keeps looking at Han with keen interest, as he had heard Han mumbling about needing some time to finishing something important he had already delayed the matter of bringing Han to the city lords mansion by 6 months already, he had already reported the matter regarding Han to the City Lord and other higher ups of the snow wind family and he was ordered to bring the child back with him as soon as possible, as it would be painful blowing if the dark guild were to find out about him and take action, however now that the time the child needed had passed he cannot help but have some anticipation arise from the bottom of his heart, however he was bound to be disappointed as Hans next words broke all the hope and expectations he had.

    Now that I have finished everything for the time being I can finally go to the alchemist association!

    Upon hearing this a dumfounded Ye Shuo cannot help but shout out loud Y-y-y-y-You waited for all this time so that he could go to the alchemist association!! What the hell have I been doing by wasting the past six months for then, if its just the alchemy association I could have taken you there long ago.

    While Han did mumble about going to the alchemist association deep down in his heart he had been also been thinking of something else which was;

    As per my estimations in the original story the city lord only adopts me some time after I turn 9, that is to be precise after the death of his wife the city mayoress, so in the next two years if I do plan on saving her I need to at least build my reputation up a bit and gain enough trust to be called by the Snow Wind family when the incident happens.

    As for building my reputation up, what better way than the alchemist association to get the job done, just like what the old monster did, it is also a good idea to sell pills and earn money while strengthening the city, then the next part is finding partners I can trust. President Gu seems to be a good option but sadly Yang Xin should only be an upcoming Junior Alchemist master currently as she has yet to pass the test ment for aspiring Junior Alchemists, it was only after passing that test did she have her talent's recognised and became President Gu's disciple. Since that only leaves me with President Gu then looks like I might have to rely on him for a lot more than what Nei Li did.

    Suddenly Han hears an angry shout and a person cursing the past 16 generation's of his ancestries for wasting his time. Caught off guard Han cannot help have chilling sensation come from his spine.

    Someone has had managed to get so close to him without having him realise it. An expert that is the first thought that came into Hans mind.

    After a moment passes there is pin drop silence in the room as neither of the party seems to be speaking.

    After a a few minutes have passed the grey robbed elder finally speaks breaking the silence; So aren't you going to say something kid ?

    Esteemed elder may I know who you are and what can I do for you, if you are need of directions I can point you the way, If you are looking for someone I might be able to tell you where to find them.

    Looking at the kid acting extremely politely Ye Shuo has a feeling that he should get away from this child as soon as possible and hence he makes his decision at lighting speed.

    Kid pack your belongings and say whatever good byes you need to tomorrow morning someone will escort you to the city lords mansion.

    Since he has finished whatever matter he needs to in this situation Ye Shuo believes it would be better if he continues looking for talented individuals and gather more information related to the Dark Guild as well as the Demon Beasts so that it would the experts from various family to protect the Glory city in a much more relaxed and easier way.

    Without waiting for any reaction or reply from Han Ye Shuo disappears within a second, it was so quick that he disappeared as if he was never here only leaving behind a dumbfounded Han.


    While at the same time in another part of Glory city.

    Glory City, City Lords Mansion

    A man roughly around 30 years old can be seen sitting on a desk, he has a healthy and a well build body while some muscles around his arms can be seen bulging out of the blueish-purple coloured clothes that he is currently wearing. He has pair to purple eye which once appeared to be clear and bright, however now they seem to show some signs of fatigue, his face however still stays expressionless yet strict as he continues to listen to various reports.

    Reporting to the city lord, I have finished finding out about the book that Ye Shuo had previously mentioned about, from what we found out the book is called the book of Divine Lightning Flames, the Scarlet Sunburst Pattern and a few other inscription patterns that the sacred family had recently proclaimed to have been created by their ancestors starting from the their founder which they have been using  to help increase their influence recently seems to have been copied from this book.

    Listening to these words Ye Zong the current city lord of glory city cannot help but let of a sigh, this is an extremely scandalous matter. Shen Hong the newly appointed patriarch of the Sacred Family is a demon spiritualist whose talents were comparable to himself and so was has cultivation, both of them had managed to reach Black Gold rank 4 and have a chance to breakthrough to the legend realm. Shen Hong had tried to challenge him for the position of the city lord every time he could. It continued until the previous city lord who was a member of the snow wind family retired recently, following which the elders of the snow wind family chose him to succeed the position of the city lord as he was the best possible choice among everyone who was a part of Glory city to succeed the position. He mostly chooses to ignore Shen Hong altogether as not only is he stronger than Shen Hong, he is better in almost every other aspect compared to him, not to mention that he has no interest in destroying the Sacred family nor destroying Shen Hong, even if he did he believes there is only loss for the Glory City in their confrontation.

    Since he had succeeded the role of city lord recently Shen Hong suddenly calmed down and the sacred family started having a lot of changes in how they behave, they have stared showing signs in attacking the businesses of other families, their members have been acting without any restraints and more importantly to gain public fame and increase their  reputation they have been publicly making proclamation on creating inscription patterns which now appear to have simply been copied.

    As he gets lost in his own thoughts Ye Zong hears the final portion of the report this catches his attention ;

    As per Ye Shuo's final report he plans on bringing a child back to the Snow Wind family within a day or two and wishes for him to be taught directly by a black gold rank expert of the Snow Wind family, he also has gained various other ideas after observing the child which may or may not help in boosting the strength of the guards.

    Ye Zong at the beginning got confused as too what Ye Shuo seems to be thinking however his curiosity has been lit upon hearing the last part, anything which can raise the strength of Glory City will be welcomed with open arms as long the city becomes stronger it becomes safer for everyone who lives in it, hence he cannot help but ask about the what inspiration Ye Shuo has had.

    Respected city lord according to Ye Shuo having the guards stay and train in an environment with additional gravity will greatly help improve their strength, since we cannot setup such an array quickly we can have the guards wear and train in weighted clothes the greater their strength the heavier the weights this should help them improve their physical strength.

    After thinking for a while Ye Zong cannot find anything wrong with this idea, in fact he finds it very practical, so far the only thing the guards can do increase thier stength so far was taking elixers, swinging their swords and exercising day and night however if the inscription pattern provided by Ye Shuo does indeed add as much weight that it claimed many of the fighter should be able to rank up, since most of the fighters are already silver ranked who knows after a decade most of them should reach gold rank, some might even reach black gold rank. Thinking of this Ye Zongs eye's have a sudden glow and now appear to be full of energy, no longer appearing to be as exhausted as they were some time ago.
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