5 Sorting facts

    After Ye Shuo left the orphanage, the experience gave Han a much needed wake up call, it took him a few minutes to organise hundred of thoughts running through his head, following which he takes a few minutes to observe the world around him, the sky above him though of the same colour is much more clearer, the air is fresh way better when compared to whatever he could ever remembered, the surrounding comparatively is far too underdeveloped but in their own right have a unique charm.

    Looking at all of these things Han cannot help admire this new world while thinking, this isn't my previous world anymore I have to plan things out properly or there will only be death,  I don't have the ability to detect those of higher level yet and this puts me at a disadvantage, while on the plus I know how to control my physical strength way better than the others, while in terms of spirit force the control I have over my strength is exactly like I've thought about multiple times already It has reached a very good threshold. All that's left is gaining access to the cultivation techniques and strengthen my spirit force.

    Having thought things through Han sits down and enters the library knowing it will only be a short time before some takes him to the snow wind family.

    Within the library Han begins to think about the future while trying to sort every information he has properly.

    So far within this world there are 3 main races which are

    •) Humans

    •) Demon Beasts

    •) Demi-Humans.

    Humans and Demons Beasts have always been on war as well as at tales end since times immemorial, while the Demi Humans is a race which consists of those those who are neither human nor demon beasts.

    Humans race can be divided into 3 types (Though not officially but it can considered as such) they are :

    •) Ordinary Human : A simple normal person with nothing special.

    •) Special Constitution : There are human tribes who might have blood of various demon beasts like black dragon ( Duan Jian ), Blood dragon ( Long Yuyin ), etc. They are not counted as proper Demi Humans rather Humans with a "Special Constitution"( well side effects exist as those with dragon bloodline cannot merge with any other demon spirit other than dragon demon spirits).

    •) Superior Bloodline : They consist of those who have the intent of their various ancestors (Daozang lineage for example), for those who dont have any intent in their blood have a physique which strengthens very quickly and are considered to be heavens blessed ( Sky Origin Divine Clan ), while there is another one but they are extremely few of them to have ever existed, they are people who have someone else's cultivation sealed within them ( Xaio Yu).

    Demon Beasts on the bases of bloodline can be divided in three types they are :

    •) Ordinary Bloodline.

    •) Ancient Bloodline.

    •) Premordial Bloodline.

    Demi Humans are races which generally do not have the ability  to merge with demon spirits and  mostly consist of various races such as :

    •) Elves (This Includes different types of tribes of each race like high elves, wood elves, blood elves, moon elves etc)

    •) Dwarves ( Including sub species)

    •) Beast people which include;

    ---------->•) Cat people

    ---------->•) Dog people

    ---------->•) Wolf tribe

    ---------->•) Different Bird tribes

    ---------->•) Etc.

    •) Various others born with one parent of one race and the other parent from another race.

    •) Etc. ( Reason as there are many races in the Nether realm which fall in no category, like the guy with a man root who followed Xiao Yu to the Devine Feather Sect).

    While Humans and Demon Beasts are united under their own racial banner and fight each other, Demi Humans on the other hand are divided as some stand on the side of demon beasts while some stand on the side of human race while other chose to be neutral and stand with neither one of them and have their own sect.

    [ A/N: Well there might have been some idiots who chose to oppose both and ... well "and" what ? they got killed what else can I type main story hardly left any room to maneuver and is filled with too many plot holes.]

    While as far as attributes go they are classified as :

    •) Fire

    •) Water

    •) Wind

    •) Earth

    •) Chaos

    •) Divine

    •) Light ( Something you would find paladins and priests using in Rpg games, mentioned as holy attribute in the novel.)

    •) Ghost ( Originally Nightmare attribute in the novel.)

    •) Lightning

    •) Snow Wind ( Well cannot edit this one, assume it to be the Ice attribute).

    •) Space

    •) Time

    •) Darkness

    •) Wind - Lighting ( Xiao Ning'ers attribute.)

    •) Lightning - Fire ( Du Ze's attribute.)

    •) Space - Time

    •) Attributeless / Normal

    •) Etc ( No clue if there are more with the combination of the various attributes.)

    [ A/N : Yup space and time are also different in case too much Naruto and TDG destroyed that concept, Space attribute used for teleportation, and making storage rings, while time well its for time travel or slow or fasten it for someone, while space time is a combination of both.]

    Whereas there are various laws as well, apart from a law for every attribute there are :

    •) Nether

    •) Death

    •) Etc.

    Looking further Han did not find any issue related to how soul realms and Spiritual Roots are classified and understood the basic concepts by which they go by.

    Different Colour of the soul realm are classified on the basis of how fast the circulation of spiritual energy is and the size of soul realm of a person, the larger the size the higher the rank as per the colour list and visa versa. A person with red soul realm has more difficulty in breaking through as the soul realm cannot contain the soul force as a person ranks up and since they have a smaller soul realm they have a lot more issues in expanding it, while those with a larger soul realm don't need to put much effort since their soul realm can take more energy without expanding and rank up faster as well. A person's soul realm can expand though not if left alone, however under but normally the soul realm does not expand enough for an upgrade under normal circumstances, which is why those with red soul realm in the story do not reach silver rank( A container cannot have more water than what it can hold, extra water will simply spill out), rather they had different ranks within the bronze rank itself, however since there exists a way to expand the sould realm, talents based on soul realm color in the story was considered upgradable, the problem only lay in the fact that hardly any human in the Glory City knew of it. [ A/N : Nei Li expanded his soul realm hence upgrading out of red soul realm.]

    Spirtual Roots signify the speed at which a person can absorb heavenly energy and the percentage of the abosrbed heavenly energy they can retain to increase their cultivation, since there was nothing which enabled the body to retain more of the heavenly energy it was not considered upgradeable.

    [A/N: Well the vine was a one of a kind]

    As for the Artifacts from the Draconic Ruins Realms Han decided leave it till he gets there. Thinking things through Han had decided to practice the aura detection method he learnt to the extent that people will no longer be able go sneak up on him ever again , while learning how to wield the sword to the point he could master it and use Sword Qi, just thinking of how Nei Li just swung the Thunder Gods Meteorite Sword around like a brainless idiot, while relying on the lighting to do the damage is simply too barbaric, poor Gu Bei must have suffered a lot by watching how Nei Li used the sword, he must have surely looked at Nei Li as if he was looking at a combination of a cave man and an ape.

    Leaving behind such thoughts Han gets his stuff ready so that he can move to the city lords mansion as soon as possible, following which he decides to train his soul force by meditating.

    Two hours pass by since Ye Shuo's departure and Ye Shan the care taker of the orphanage arrives with Ye Song ( An Elder of the Snow Wind family, his cultivation is on the 1st stage of Black Gold rank )

    [ A/N : In the original story Ye Han had an unnamed teacher in the Black Gold rank, so making Ye Song to fit in the role].
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