6 Snow Wind family.

    Upon arriving at the orphanage the Ye Song follows Ye Shan to the room that Han stays in, upon entering the room they find Han meditating, upon looking at this situation and remembering Ye Shuo's report Ye Song has an appreciative look on his his face, however moments later Han opens his eyes and looks straight at Ye Song, upon looking at those eyes full of wisdom and seem that they contain a whole world within them, Ye Song is completely caught off guard and cannot help but ask to follow him in a rushed voice.

    Though the voice was a bit rushed to Han it sounded irritated and full of scorn as if the elder from the city lady mansion wanted him to hurry up and stop wasting his time, then remembering the first impression that he got from Ye Shuo as he cursed several of his ancestors for wasting his time, Han begins forming a very bad impression of the snow wind family. To Han this world is real, while the one he read about was only a fictional story full of plot holes, so he was determined to judge this world on the basis of what he saw and what he believed to begin with.

    This place is ridiculously huge.(That's all that Han could the moment he entered the city lords mansion.)

    Later onwards Han was shown around the city lords mansion and then shown the courtyard that he would stay in, the courtyard was a two storey one and as big as a mansion in his original world, heck it even had a swimming pool though it was not that big. Han had to check things twice to confirm if he was mistaking the swimming pool for a pond, however it was indeed a swimming pool and not a pond for fishes as he was suspecting it to be because there was a pond for the fishes on the other side of the courtyard, it even had a lot tasty looking fishes in them, a well maintained lawn was there in the third side of the courtyard and the forth side only consisted of the entrance from which he had entered from.

    After witnessing all these Han istead of feeling happy about his new home, he compares it with his previous room and cannot help but think how messed up this world is, the city lord had over a hundred of courtyards similar to the one he was staying in, while the main residence was even grander while on the other side there were people in the city itself who could hardly feed themself as well their family, though such things were common in his previous world as well, but this world was a one were human beings were not on top of the food chain, it was the demon beasts the ruled this world and yet mankind was still incapable of bonding together to survive. Since it was already quite late Han decided to let of such thoughts train a little before going to sleep, tomorrow would be the day when he would meet the city lord as well as various elders of the snow wind family.

    The Next Day

    Glory City, City Lords Mansion.

    The next morning Han is brought to the main mansion where various elders of the snow wind family were having their breakfast.

    Ye Song having been chosen as Hans master was the person who was responsible for introducing Han to the various elders of the Snow Wind family.

    After Han had been introduced to the various elders Han cannot help but feel extremely nervous as none of the elders had a friendly attitude and they kept looking at him suspiciously.( Though it may look like it, the elders were merely curious about the child as it waa not was common for children to  be brought into the mansion when they have yet to display any form of talents and what was more astonishing was that this one had even been adopted into the family, normally the commoners who showed great talents were mearly given resources and trained at most they would be adopted into the side brach of the family, they were however never adopted directly into the main branch of the family, this situation however broke all the practices of the past. To the elders this news was an inderect slap to their face and the news itself was as good as stating that their descendants were not good enough or were simply garbage, because of which the family decided to find someone from the outside to join thier ranks to protect the family and prevent it from declining in the future and hence they weren't too happy about the situation).

    Looking at the situation Han extremy happy that he was adopted now rather than having things go on like the orignal story as he cannot help but imagine what would have happened if he would have been brought after the death of the city mayoress as the adopted son as well the successor of the city lord. The attitude, scorn and ill wishes which he would have received would have been much much worse, for a child growing up in this kind of environment it is next to impossible to keep his mind sane, no wonder the original Ye Han had no love for the snow wind family. Han decided to ignore everything else before he him and decided its best to start eating first then go to the Alchemist Association for the Senior Alchemist title and continue with his plan, however he noticed that nobody present here had even touched there food and were waiting for somebody, just before he could think who they were waiting for he heard some footsteps and decided to turn around and look who was everyone waiting for.

    Looking behind him Han can see a woman. She is slim and her age should be around mid twenties, the woman his about 5 ft 7 inches tall, she is wearing clothes whose colour looks like a mixure of white and blue. The colour of her hair is blue, navy blue. Her eyes are royal blue in colour. However Han completely lost his senses when his gaze went towards her knockers as they were the legendary G cup, they stood up proudly in the air as if they were declaring war on gravity itself.

    After a few seconds Han is able to cool his mind and notices that there is a child hiding behind the woman, the child should roughly be around 2-3 years old. She was curiously looking around but her gave landed on Ye Zong and lit up, noticing the scene before him it finally hit Han that this child should be Ye Ziyun the daughter of the city lord which makes the lady before him the wife of the city lord.

    A few moments Han manges to regain his wits as he notices that the child innocently running towards her father asking for a hug, noticing this scene Han cannot help but remember a scene as per the novel, it was the part where Ye Han kept mentioned that he decided that he would take Ziyun as his wife the moment he saw her, he then takes another look at the father and daughter pair then he could help but inwardly curse the original Ye Han with all his might and no longer feels any pity for the bugger as he feels that brat was messed up from the get go, before he could he even finish cursing the remaining members of Ye Hans ancestors he remembers the perverted as well as pedophilic actions of a particular female alchemy master following which he also remembers how Nei Li despite being an old monster shamelessly went after Ziyun like a old pedophilic grandpa then scares Ning'er with death threats, after managing to completely scare her be further pushes things and advises her to get a Daoyin massage done while he was the only one in the whole city who knew how to do it all just to get touchy touchy with a 14 year old, yup he was a hardcore pedophile ( He could even remember how much crossbow bolts costed, as if he did not remember that how that no one in the city knew how to do the daoyin massage and it was even classfied as a lost art). After the sudden realisation Hans mood cannot help but get comletely down as he thinks this world is too messed for a person from modern day Earth to live in, there are too many pedophiles in this world and for some reason it is even accepted as normal.

    Although these things happened only within a few moments and hardly anyone was paying attention to Han, however it did not mean that no one was paying attention to it, a certain mother with giant knockers who was filled motherly instincts happened to notice it as she was curious about Han and been paying attention to him from the moment she entered the room, however she seems to misunderstood things a little and thought the a child who grew up in an orphanage must have been feeling jelous of her daughter however had decided to ignore the feeling altogether.
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