7 Ye Hai

    After Hans mind calms down he notices that the tense atmosphere has yet to be completely gone, as he looks around he can hears a voice.

    Not everyone has arrived, our elders, the supreme elder followed by the seven grand elders of the family are yet to arrive, saying so the city mayoress carries her daughter Ye Ziyun with her and sits next to Ye Zong the city lord of Glory city.

    Before Han can even understand what was going on, he hears some footsteps and turns around and notices a group of people of various ages entering the hall. Some people looked really old, some people looked in their early 60s, some in their early 50s, while some in the late 40s as well.

    The moment they enter the room all of them notice Han, some look at him once then ignore him as if he never existed, some look at him for a while due to curiousity then go and take a seat while some try to see through him and keep their attention on him.

    While everyone was trying to analyse him from top to bottom, it was noticed by Han, at first felt like a zoo monkey as everyone was curiously looking over, later he started freaking out as he remembered that there was no such term such as pedophile in this world while the norms were completely different, after a while he calmed down and remembered the fact that there were no such group related to LGBT as per the main story line and cannot help but feel relieved, although human emotions are complex but duo to the threats related to the demon beast hoards people never really got much of a chance to think out of the norm here.

    After finishing his procrastinating and getting his mind back on track Han notices the people around him once again. According to the main story line there were only 10 black gold rank elders and lord Ye Mo as the only grand elder alive in the snow wind family, however in front of him right now there were far too many that fit the bill, there were over 20 elders, 7 grand elders and even a supreme elder to the boot.

    After the introductions are over Han finds out the identity of everyone present here, the name of the supreme elder is Ye Hai, he is a former city lord of glory city and the father-in-law of lord Ye Mo which also makes him the grand father of Ye Zong, his cultivation is in an unknown realm in the legend rank, while among the grand elders every single one of them are pinnacle black gold rank well that is off course other than Lord Ye Mo who is an existence in the legend realm, while all of the others present here are from the generation of their descendants.

    Upon finding this out Han can't help but think something major must have happened which was never mentioned in the story, thinking about things from another point of view how could the snow wind family have remained in top while having power which was not that far ahead when compared to other major families, not only that the fact that the dark guild that kept quite for so many centuries actually took actions openly during the main storyline, that too on multiple occasions.


    After everyone is done eating Han is called in a room to meet the supreme elder.

    Upon entering the hall Han notices that this room is a bit similar to that of a throne room, as there is a throne where the supreme elder is seated and five chairs on both of sides respectively, the seven grand elders can be seen sitting on them.

    Upon Hans entrancd to the room Ye Ha the supreme elder if the snow wind family shines for a moment before going back to normal. Today he had already prepared a list full of questions and was prepared to find out if this kid is worth being adopted into to the main family of the snow wind clan. So hence he begins his questions without wasting time and being blunt and direct.

    Listen kid, You and I both know you are not an average kid your thinking capacity isnt any inferior to my own grandson, so lets not play around and lets cut to the chase and be quick and frank here. What is it that you wish for in life, I mean what are your goals and objectives in life.

    Upon hearing this question Han directly gives an answer before even a second passes, to have the strength to freely roam around the world and enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

    To his answer he gets another question in return: What will do to obtain that strength?

    His reply came without a second thought : I will simply train, hard work always pays off.

    You are wrong kid hard work does not always pay off. So what will you do when all your hard work goes down the drain for nothing.

    Upon hearing this question Han is startled for a while and replies: Something that it not yours is destined to be not yours, but true freedom can only be won by one and not given by someone else.

    Upon hearing his reply everyone in the hall is caught off guard and start pondering the meaning behind his words. However they were cut short as they heard the grand elders voice : Then how do you intend to fight for it ?

    The reply from the kid from another world was simply: Change the field into your homeground and get a head start. For starters m off to alchemist association, anyone cares to join me ?
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