8 To the Alchemist Association

    Han proceeds to the Alchemist association with elder Ye Hai who decided to give him some company in tow.

    Upon arriving at the alchemist association Han chose to take the senior alchemist examination which shocked everyone present while Ye Hai has a look of interest.

    Due to arriving at the association with Ye Hai on top of wearing clothes with snow wind families symbol on it Han was treated with much more importance and respect than what Nei Li was when he was entered the alchemist association for the first time. Upon entering the examination room Han finds out the elders randomly picked a few question papers for him and left the room altogether.

    This action shocked Han badly though he did not waste his time as he immediately started filling up the paper with the answers that were even better than what the association knew. This was only possible because of the library as it gave Han information about a lot of herbs and various formula.


    While Han was busy answering the test on the other side of the room there were two figures sitting on a chairs observing him.

    Brother Ye was it really necessary to do this ?

    The man surnamed Ye continued to look at Han and had a deep look on his face as he was pondering over something difficult as he replied " Brother Ma doesn't this child seem weird to you ? We left the room empty as it is, while there is no way that he can sense us with his current cultivation base and yet he chose not to cheat. Lets leave the matter about a persons character out of this and look from different point of view, as per my information this child has never refined a single elixir in his life and has only read books but yet he chose to take the senior alchemist exam, was there any need for him to rush ? He should have done so after he learns how to refine pills then chose not to take a simple way and if you look everything that has been going on he is too full of confidence, it is not normal for a child who hasn't even reached 10 years of age to behave like this.

    Brother Hai you are overthinking things this child should not be a spiritual constillation expert, he does not show those symptom, you have fought the Demon Lord a couple of times you should know about it better than everyone else.

    It is not about that Brother Ma, in the last 200 years he is the third case, the first one was the demon lord, a random child who was found near the orphanage, no one could track down his ancestry no matter how hard we tried, then came little Mo [ A/N : Ye Mo well we all know who he is.] the same thing happened in his case a monstrous genius with mind blowing talents, who managed to reach the legend rank at the age of 35, after the demon lords existence the elders of the snow wind family took charge of all the orphanages and made it a point to find out their origins, however little Mo's case still happened, we took great care to ensure history wont repeat itself however a third case happened yet again as this child turned up one day, no matter how hard we tried there was no result. This should not be all there is to it either, throughout the long course of our history there should have been more people like them.

    Suddenly remembering about a certain figure Ye Hai cannot help but add, however I believe they went to a different place, a place they would continue to grow stronger and surpass the legend realm to heights unknown.


    Unaware of the conversation happening nearby Han continues writing his answers for the next thirty or so minutes before he finally finishes answering all the questions.

    Upon finishing writing his answers he gets up only to find the examiners returning to the room, upon checking the papers and finding out that Han has answered all the questions correctly the elders cannot help but look at him with a frown on his face.

    According to the elders they were asked to leave the room while a eight year old child answered the questions, upon entering they find out that within thirty minutes the child had managed to answer all the questions and even managed to get them all right. It took then over 40 years of studies and research to reach this level and now an eight year old managed to reach the same level as them ? There was no way he did not cheat, however thinking about the background of this child as well as the person whom he came here with they can only swallow down their grievances and let things be.

    Han is later taken to the main hall of the alchemist association where Elder Hai could be seen sitting drinking tea while chatting with an old man in white clothing's while the president of the alchemist association President Gu Yan attending to them.

    Instead of going towards Elder Ye Hai and joining him Han simply choose to go towards the board which were filled with unsolved questions. Han still remembers that according to the original story the main reason for Ye Han was that he had no contributions towards Glory City and its safety, while there were other problems which were mainly related to his personality this would have nothing to do with Han as they were different people to begin with.

    Looking at Elder Ye Hai who continues to stay full of vigilance Han cannot help but ask;

    Do you mind if I try solving these questions ?

    Upon hearing this the elders who brought Han here have a very ugly expression on their face while the Elder named Ma and his apprentice, President Gu are shocked while Supreme Elder Ye Hai has a nonchalant look and simply replies;

    Do whatever you want kid.

    Everyone within the room wanted to say that all those questions on the wall were encountered by Alchemy Masters during their refinement process. Just reading books wouldn't be able to answer them. One has to personally refine and search for the solution. Nobody believed that Han would be able to answer those questions.

    "Since you said I can, then there's no problem in answering them," Han brightly smiled, lifting the horned pen up and began to write.

    Looking the question board in front of him, Han swiftly moved his hand, writing down the answers after taking a glimpse at the problems.

    Seeing how fast Han was writing down the solution to the problems, the elders within the room didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Han did not go through the refining process and yet he had already come out with the solution. It's practically laughable. The gaze of President Gu Yan fell onto one of the questions and he could not help but read it out aloud, it was a problem related to herbal equilibrium.

    "How should the ratio of Snow Grass, Nine Immortal Grass, and Dragon Gall Grass be refined? According to the alchemy theory, combining these three herb would definitely be able to refine an extremely strong antidote medicine. However, what should the ratio of these herb be and what was the quantity that needed to be mixed? Up till today, there is still no answer to it," Huyan Ming one of the examiner's murmured.

    It was a problem that was present even in the main story line, even though Han did not remember what Ne Li's answer to was, he answered the questions as per his understandings from the library: 'No matter what the ratio , it's impossible to succeed. Dragon Gall Grass should be changed to Solani Grass. The ratio would be 3:1:2.'

    Solani Grass is very similar to the Dragon Gall Grass, both have detoxification effects. However, the Dragon Gall Grass is violent, whereas the Solani Grass is much calmer. Furthermore, this ratio for the herb is perfect.

    "Brilliant!" Gu Yan shouted with praise. He already couldn't wait to try refining it, verifying the ratio.

    The elders present continued looking at the papers on the walls, Han's answers were extremely brilliant no matter how one looked at they were unique and seemed as if they could work. Although they does not know if they're correct or not, but it was still worth testing. Although the solution to those problems could not be verified, there are a few that the elders present could verify as all they missed was the idea to try these combinations. For example, questions about the refining process, the answers that Han gave are correct.

    The look of the elders gave him changed they were the ones who brought him here as well as tested him, it was no longer filled with dissatisfaction rather now it was filled with admiration. Because most of questions up there was the ones that even President Gu Yan and Elder Ma could not solve.

    After finishing answering all the questions Han picks up a piece of paper and continues writing something on it. After a while he passes it on to elder Ye Hai and elder Ma to read.

    Upon receiving the paper elder Ma starts reading it out aloud.

    The 78 uses of Purple Haze Grass, this was a common household grass which was burnt and used as an insect repellent in the Glory City, upon reading the content of the paper,  the hand of elder Ma cannot help but shake.

    Boy tell me quick is everything that you written here true? Tell me quick !

    Looking at elder Ma's reaction everyone in the room are shocked, this time even the calm elder Ye Hai seems to have stopped smiling.

    Upon picking up the paper the hands of Ye Hai seems to have froze as he looks at Han with a shocked expression.

    Han has a smug smile on his face while as he speaks, off course every single one of the 78 uses are true, however elders I believe that you do need to check and verify if everything that I mentioned here works as well as I claim it does.

    While he finishes speaking he notices that one of the senior alchemist masters who led him here arrived with over a 100 pounds of purple haze grass.
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