9 Give and Take.

    Upon noticing the mountain of Purple Haze Grass in front him Han lips cannot twitching before he could even say anything the elders present started to take a few pounds of the grass and ran away to experiment leaving behind a dumbstruck Han and Ye Hai.

    Looking at Ye Hai, Han cannot help but ask; So what's next ?

    Ye Hai who was still seated started to engross himself while drinking his tea before replying "This should take some time, so how about a game of Go ?"

    Han who was still trying to keep a cool facade cannot help but curse inwardly (" Go ? What Go my ass(-_-) I have hardly played a few games of it after coming to this world let alone my previous one")

    A sudden idea strikes Han as he replies " How about a game of chess ?"

    Though chess was also a similar game but he had still played it a lot of time, and it would be  better playing chess as it was the game which he wont outright lose. But the main fact for suggesting chess was that he has never seen anyone in the whole city playing the game.

    With a questioning gaze Ye Hai turns towards Han and asks " What is Chess?"

    This time it was Hans turns to get dumbstruck as he looks at Ye Hai as he was looking at an idiot before replying " Never mind if you don't know about it I'll just meditate."

    Enraged by Hans reply Ye Hai had decided to find out about this so called game of chess as soon as he could, after all it wasn't a nice feeling for him who was a great elder to be looked down upon a child almost as young as his great grand daughter.

    A few hours pass and the four old men make it back to room reporting the outcome of their experiment, as Han expected all of the uses he wrote about were verified to be correct.

    ("In the original plot Nei Li gave the association 60 uses of the grass, but there were a few more uses which he either decided not to disclose or he may have never known about them, well might have a know known a few more atleast he did create the poison though in the start of the story, it did get him a lot of kills during the beginning till specially during the time he received the shadow devil demon spirit.")

    Elders I hope you do realise that some of the uses that the Purple Haze Grass has cannot be publicised, who knows if people with impure motives were to use it to their advantage, besides since I'm done with a few gifts lets start with the official business, replies Han as he looks towards Ye Hai with a meaningful gaze.

    An old fox like Ye Hai with all his experience, how could he not understand what Han wanted to suggest.

    Looking towards the two elders who brought Han into the room all that Ye Hai does is give them a simple order " Go and buy all the Purple Haze Grass in the market, its nearly summer and there are a lot of insects, who knows how many people are currently burning these herbs as insect repellents."

    Upon hearing the words of elder Ye Hai's both of the elders are dumbstruck, these elders were simple people whose only objective in life was to walk and explore the path of alchemy, for them herbs were everything, it was to the point they were even willing to die for the rare herbs and now they are told that there exists such a precious herb with so many wonderful uses in this world, but moments later they are informed that the very same miracle herb at this very might is being used as insect repellents by a lot of people, just thinking about this point they cannot help but panic and tense up as they immediately run out of the room and gather everyone in the association and prevent the herbs from being burnt.

    As the two elders leave the room in a rush, Ye Hai looks towards Han and motions him to continue as the remaining people in the room were trust worthy.

    Han simply passes a paper to Ye Hai.

    The paper has a list and consists of the following;

    Helpful against the demon beast horde.

    1) ????? - A bomb type inscription pattern which can kill a group of silver ranked demon beasts. No ranks required and anyone can throw it to get the job done.

    2) ????? - An alchemic solution which is extremely effective against demon beasts of below gold rank, if used properly can enable an ordinary person to kill multiple silver rank demon beasts.

    Towards Cultivation.

    1) Scarlet Body Pills.

    2) Nine Transformation Pills.

    3) Soul Nurturing Pills.

    4) Soul Tempering Pills.

    5) Soul Concentration Pills.

    *Bang* This time no one in the room could keep thier calm upon reading the contents of the paper, all of the people in the room had stopped looking at Han as a child of a younger generation but rather as someone with a high status or even an equal after the uses of Purple Haze Grass was disclosed, but now all of the eyes on Ye Han are full of hostility and greed as they looked at Han as a hunter eyes his prey.

    ( Though Han understood that the greed their eye's declare was not for their own profit but rather for the good of glory city and all it's citizens as the information on the paper would help improve the protection of the city and help protect the people better yet he cannot help but irritated by their behaviour, howvery the sudden hostility that he senses from Ye Hai rathee pisses him off and he cant help but inwordly curse " What the hell man, I don't want to do anything to do with you or your family nor harm them in any way, rather what I'm doing increases the chance for their survival in this world, yet this is how you behave ?")

    Leaving his thoughts aside for a moment Han can decides to move along quickly before these old fool attack him for real; "Now lets make a deal a give and a take."

    While saying so he looks at the Ye Hai and continues speaking; Old dog a wise man once said live and let live, I have no evil intensions here or I would never be presenting this list here.

    This matter however only makes Ye Hai secretly be guarded towards Han a lot more as he thinks ( This little brats 8 years old ? Ya right not even that old fool Mo might be his match, as if there is nothing wrong here. Heck when I was eight all I did was play with mud, while this little brat here comes up with long lost pills, heck he even became an senior alchemy master, hell I was 30 when I got there and I was still called the alchemic genious of the century.)

    After thinking things over Ye Hai looks at the paper in his hand while he clenches his teeth and asks Han " Brat what do you want."
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