10 Alchemist Association end

    Upon listening to Ye Hai reply Han simply lets out a victorious smirk.

    Well I don't want anything much just a few items from some families of glory city, even though the item might be useless to them, they still might not necessarily be willing to part with them. (Han)

    But compared to the value of the items that I am currently giving out, plus a few words from the snow wind family, I am quite sure a fair deal can be achieved, off course this was my major demand, I do have some minor ones as well but lets leave that for later. (Han)

    After pondering for a few moments Ye Hai cannot find anything wrong with the deal and immediately agrees to Hans requests.

    Are you sure that's all you need ? ( Ye Hai)

    Is there anything that you wish to add elder Hai ? ( Han)

    Without batting an eye Ye Hai decides to move from that question to another topic all together as he turns towards the elders in the room and begins speaking.

    Whatever happened today must be kept a secret, In short the matters that happened today stays within this room. For the people outside we shall matter regarding the pills that an Alchemy Grandmaster has arrived in Glory City, the respected elder has decided to stay in a secluded location somewhere within the Glory City and made some deals with the snow wind family. ( Ye Hai )

    As per the agreement the elder gave out a few pill formula's and the alchemist association makes the pills which later given to snow wind family to manage. ( Ye Hai )

    Instead of selling the pills the snow wind family is to create and manage a cultivation ground where people can cultivate using the pills. To enter the cultivation ground people will be required a coupon which the alchemist association will be in charge of selling. ( Ye Hai )

    Upon hearing this President Gu Yan of the Alchemy Association cannot help but call out;

    Elder Ye this cannot be done, not only are we lying to the public the pills need to be equally distributed to the people to gave to most effective result.

    As he continues to listen to President Gu, Elder Hai maintains his signature poker face as he rebukes;

    Gu Yan you are now the president of the Alchemist Association, don't tell me that you are not able to see something as ridiculously obvious as this, The Glory City that we live in today is a mess, the noble families keep getting richer while the one's who live a normal life cannot even afford to send their children to the holy orchid institution. There is a limit to how many people the snow wind family can find as there are too many talents who remain without a cultivation base.

    To make matters worse the existence of the organisation known as dark guild would do everything thing they can do to get these pills and giving out the formula's to every alchemist is as good as giftwrapping the hope of this city to them. However the main reason for my actions is very simple, I believe there is a spy in our city. If not it would be impossible for the dark guild to kill so many of our family members, it would not be possible for them to know when we leave the city and for them to be prepared everytime we plan for an ambush. Only by this method can we do everything possible to prevent the pills from going into the hands of the dark guild.

    Listening to Ye Hai speak although Gu Yan still does not feel that it is for the best for the snow wind family to handle the pills, there is nothing that he can do, after all the snow wind family has been the leader of glory city ever since the age of darkness arrived.

    From the side Han can be seen listening into the conversation with a dumbstruck expression. ("Well that works, never thought people could do that as well, in the light novel the sacred family had been secretly supplying the pills to the dark guild, however with this method they won't have pills to supply only a bunch of coupons that are assigned to them, so there is no way for them to send things to the dark guild even if they wanted to.")

    At the end of the conversation Han hands over the pill formula's to Elder Ma ( Former President of Alchemist Association ) and the the formula and the blood inscription pattern to elder Hai as they leave the Alchemist Association.

    While looking at Ye Hai's signature poker face Han suddenly feels as if he was the one who had made a loss in the trade and not the other way around.

    *Sigh* hey Grandpa Ye I'm calling in one of the small favors the you need to do for me, teach me swordsmanship.

    ("Looking at Han then his cultivation base which has not even reached bronze rank, Ye Hai shakes his head in disapproval, according to him it would be a lot better for Han to concentrate on his cultivation instead.")

    Han however takes this personally he continues;

    Oye Grandpa what's the problem didn't they say that the people of snow wind family always keep their promises ? We just made that deal and now you are already breaking it? Not to mention that I'm such a talented young man I've already reached the peak of silver rank, though it's just my physique for now it is still enough to tell that I'm a hand working young man, so teach me already.

    ("Though Han says all of this he cannot help but in worldly curse, the library as it's name states only has books one cannot learn swordsmanship and gain experience from reading a book can they now ? At the moment he is no different from a little bookworm, one that is a bit more buffed up that's all.")

    Upon hearing Hans retort Ye Hai is a bit shocked as he looks at Han with a shocked face, this may be one of the few moments when his traditional poked face finally breaks but now he looks down on Han as if he's looking at an idiot.

    Kid you do know that your physical strength has is in the first stage of silver rank and not the fifth. Too add a cheery on top of that from the looks of it you have managed to reach that rank not along ago.

    ("Though he went back to his standard poker face within mere moments, the ridicule in his voice existed and while thinking that there was no way a spiritual constellation expert or someone similar would atleast know something this obvious while this kid did not the caution and wariness he had towards Han seemed to have decreased by a lot without him realizing it.")

    Without waiting for Han to get over his shock he moves ahead with just one sentence ;

    "Lessons start tomorrow morning."

    Stating which he simply disappears leaving Han behind.

    ("Though it seemed that Han was left behind alone, however it was not as as the fact was that there were always a few elders and grand elders who were secretly tagging along as per Ye Hai's orders. It was however a good thing that Han would never find about it as it would only make him feel a lot more pressured.")
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