11 Temporal Remnant Page

    Glory City, Snow Wind Family, Central Courtyard

    An Eight year old boy can be seen laying on the ground, firmly holding onto a sword while grasping for breath.

    "Boy I think this should be enough for today."

    Looking at Ye Hai and his carefree attitude Han cannot help but sigh during this whole time all he did was swing his sword at Ye Hai, while not a single of his moves made it to Ye Hai, what makes matters worse is that every single one of his moves were deflected by Ye Hai's tree branch in angles that always threw him out of balance. There was the matter regarding his physical strength just reaching silver rank 1, rather than the peak of silver rank 5 being true which made him a lot more depressed.

    Looking at Han laying on the ground while panting for air Ye Hai cannot help but in-wordly chuckle, as he had confirmed that Han was not some enlightened being, rather he was simply young child who just read a lot of books, hence he let down all the reserve he had in his heart and decided to start teaching Han genuinely. Without waiting for Han to reply Ye Hai decided to ask Han another question.

    "Boy why do you want to learn the way of the sword and what do you think a sword represents?"

    Upon hearing Ye Hai's question Han does not know how to reply, the only reason why he chose the sword was simple - ("The thunder gods meteorite sword" was the strongest weapon that existed in this world and the sword could even break the barrier of the tiny world... heck he's someone from the twenty first century, ain't no one using those prehistoric weapons there any there anymore, plus he already had his hands full with all sorts of books as it is, so how on Earth would he answer the question ?")

    Looking at Hans confused face Ye Hai decided to answer, " I do not know nor care why you picked the sword, but remember it is a weapon, the main role a weapon has is to kill, nothing more, nothing less."

    Before Han can understand those simple yet profound words Ye Hai continues " What I am going to teach you is not some stupid manual nor any style on how to swing the sword, but rather I will teach you the way of the sword itself. The simplest way to win a fight is to make your blade reach your enemy, while ensuring the neither your enemy nor his weapon reaches you."

    After he finished speaking Ye Hai picks his a tree branch and starts waving it around randomly.

    Looking at this scene of an old man dancing around with a wooden stick Han cannot help but find it stupid and even feels that this old fool has finally lost it as all he can see is an old guy randomly dancing around swinging a wooden tree branch without any noticeable fixed pattern, there was just no meaning that Han could find in his movements.

    As if understanding Hans thoughts Ye Hai stops swinging his branch around and looks towards him with an expression that looks like a smile yet not a smile on his face.

    If a normal person who who look at this scene they would think of this scene would be that this is just a loving old grandfather who is trying to amuse  his grandson and while trying to teach him swordsmanship.

    To Han who has rarely ever seen Ye Hai without a pokerface this smile looked extremely scarry and creepy, knowing there was no such term as pedophile in this world he cannot help but have shivers down his spine as he quickly questions Ye Hai "So elder what's next ?"

    Listening to Hans question Ye Hai cannot help but have black lines on his face as he continues "A true swordman does not have any fixed pattern of swinging his sword he simply moves his body as per his instincts, that way he only has to ensure he is fluid enough to move whenever and however he wants to, sharp and strong enough to finish the fight using a single opening".

    Upon listening to his answer this time its Han who has black lines all over his face while his eyes continue to twitch as he thinks (" No fixes pattern ? Only Instincts what bull** is this old geezer talking about, I was right this old man has completely lost it! If there was no such thing then why would people go and learn various swordsmanship back on Earth ? heck is that was all there is to it why would people even martial arts ?")

    Deciding that learning swordsmanship from within the Glory City is a waste of time Han simply decides to end thing quick. "Elder Hai lets stop this training, I think its enough for now lets continue after my cultivation increases to a certain degree. I remember you promising to get a few items for me including those currently in possession of a few noble families for me."

    Listening to Han speak Elder Hai is zapped back into poker face body and his aura suddenly turns serious as he asks " What items do you need and which families do they belong to ?"

    Upon listening to Ye Hai direct answer though freezing for a moment Han quickly replies "The first item I need is an ancient temporal page and the family that it belongs to should be the Wind Dragon Family. It should with the old patriarch of the family."

    Listening to Han, Ye Hai is a bit stunned as he leads Han towards the Wind Dragon family as he inwardly thinks ("I've known Xaio Ling since that brat was born, his father was even my sworn brother, how come I have never heard of them owning this item, not only that how come this brat knows about it ?") Keeping his thoughts behind for a moment Ye Hai continues to lead and ask about things when its the right time to do so, either way it's not like this brat is gonna disappear to nowhere to begin with.
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