12 Xiao Lings predicamen

    Upon arriving at the Winged Dragon Family Han and Ye Hai are escorted to a secluded courtyard courtyard which is the residence of Xiao Ling the current patriarch of the Winged Dragon Family, upon entering the courtyard Han is shocked upon looking at the figure sitting in front of him.

    Looking straight towards the person sitting in front of him all the Han can think of is " Damn this guy looks old" as he notices the old man wearing plain worn out clothes. The old man looks to be around 90 years old, his white hair is cut extremely short which makes him look similar to an old army general, his face shows extreme exhaustion while his eyes are still shining with bright determination. He can be seen sitting with his back straight which makes him look even taller as one would even confuse this guy as a member from the giant race, if Han had to bet he would even bet all his assets that this person should at least be 7-8 feet tall. As he takes a spot to sit down Hans hears something that almost makes him fall down.

    "Little Ling how have been, it has been a while since you have last paid me a visit."

    "I have been doing well Uncle Hai." replies Xiao Ling with a smile on his face.

    Hearing this short dialog Han cannot help but have cold sweat running down his back as he realises that the Old man Xiao who is sitting in front of him is the grandfather of Xiao Ning'er rather than a great grandfather which actually makes him younger than Ye Mo, if others were to know of this they would not able to help but think just what does this old man eat to make him look over 90 years old while he has yet to reach 60 years! Han cannot understand what is wrong with this old man Xiao as cultivators usually age slower than normal people and live longer too, while the old man sitting right in front him looks 30 years older than his actual age and despite his giant build, he looks as if he had long since reached his expiration date and may leave for the other side any moment. Before he can think of anything else Han hears a voice which snaps his senses back towards the room.

    "Little Ling do forgive me for the sudden visit and my rudeness as I would like to get straight to the point, this little brat here is little Han whom we from the Snow Wind family have decided to adopt and little Han here tried making a deal with us, he will be providing Glory City with a lot of useful pill formula's and all that he wants in return are a few items and one of them should be in your possession, what item was it that wished for little Han ? Oh yes a remnant temporal page."

    If one were to look at the Supreme Elder of the Snow Wind Family as he said the words "Remnant Temporal Page" they would notice that the old man has a very peculiar expression on his face, it would seem as if he has an idea about the item in question here, however he seems to have doubts wether or not Xiao Ling "also has the same/similar item with him" and if he does would it mean other families of Glory City might have it as well ?

    Listening to Ye Hai words Xiao Ling is completely shocked, looking at the old fox Ye Hai how can he not understand the hidden meaning behind the old fox's words, he Xiao Linh is someone who cultivated the Heavenly Calculation Technique after all.

    [The Heavenly Calculation Technique is an mysterious cultivation technique comprehended by a man named Emperor Kong Ming before the Dark Age began, it was said to be an interior and simplified version of a technique named the Heavens Divination Technique. The user of this technique will have the ability to peer and look into the future giving him written information of the future events at the cost of ones own youth and life energy, there was also a myth that once someone cultivates this technique beyond legend rank they can send messages back in time by using this technique at the cost of their life.] [ It is also said that if one were to comprehend the Law of space and time they would receive this cultivation technique.]

    The last time he used the Heavens Calculation Technique he sacrificed Twenty years of his life force, while growing twenty years older and he foresaw two different outcomes and fates for Glory City. The first vision showed him the destruction of Glory City along with the death of everyone who lives within it, while the second vision showed him a monstrous rise for Glory City by the hands of a child, although he could not see anything related to the child all he could see was that the child did not have the strings of fate and destiny attached to him which gave him the ability to change one's destiny. The only clues he had was that the child would be a prodigy and would bring plenty of cultivation techniques as well as pill formula's for Glory City to grow to its peak.

    Now only a few months later this old foggy Ye Hai brings a child Infront of him claiming that this child has certain pill formula's which is extremely helpful for the rise of Glory City, however this brat isn't the kind of child of prophecy he was hoping for, this child does not have a single minded dedication for the survival of humanity and is rather greedy. However what really troubles is the fact that this brat not only knows of the temporal remnant page that his family has been guarding since time immemorial he wants him to hand it over as well, although he Xiao Ling has dedicated and sacrificed his entire life for the good of Glory City there are things to difficult even for this old man.

    Old man Xiao only has one son Xiao Yunfeng whom not only old man Xiao dots a lot on he is also very satisfied with this his son of his, who not had an ideal personality but has also managed to reach Black Gold rank 1 Demon Spiritualist with a lot of hard work. However things can never stay perfect as his daughter-in-law caught some unknown disease and has been in coma for a few weeks now. Knowing his son's personality pretty well Xiao Ling is well aware that he son would not re-marry if something happens to the daughter-in-law of his. What makes matters even worse for the old man Xiao is that only grandchild he has is his granddaughter Xiao Ning'er whom has born under an unlucky star and has a very terrible fate awaiting her.

    Originally old man Xiao wanted to seal the remnant temporal page within the body of granddaughter which would help ensure her survival and steer clear of the dark future which awaits her, however the child in front of him as demanded him to hand the Remnant Temporal Page over leaving old man Xiao with a very heavy heart and not knowing what to do, on one side would be his granddaughter and the last of his descents and on the other side would be the rise and survival of the Glory City and mankind.
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