13 Too much filler in this chapter.

    Looking at Xiao Ling's face full of conflict, Han being an avid reader of Tales Of Demons and Gods can more or less guess what was going on in the mind of the old man, although he could guess it, showing any more knowledge than he already has would only bring more trouble for himself so Han decided to, finish accomplish his objectives in a roundabout manner, so he decides to talk to Xiao Ling in a childish manner. "Elder Ling is there anything troubling you? If there is please let me know I will try my best to solve any problems that you have."

    Listening to Han speak, elder Ye Hai finally notices something wrong with Xiao Ling's facial expression and speaks out "Little Ling if there is anything let Uncle Hai know, I will do anything and everything in my power to help you, looking towards your selfless contributions towards Mankind and Glory City, I am sure the problem you have should be of something important and nothing minor like wishing for extra resources as you and your clan are bound to get your fair share in return for your help, so speak up as I will not know what about the problems you are facing unless you tell me about it."

    Looking at Hans who is currently making an innocent face and Ye Hai's who is making a serious face Xiao Ling cannot help but consider laying out his problems hoping to Ye Hai hoping he would understand his predicament. Hence forth he begins to explain the predicament about his precious granddaughter in ernest, he explains how she would face an extremely difficult predicament and how she is destined to enter the black forest, after reaching this point he expains the possible use to the temporal remnant page and why he needed to seal it within her.

    However upon reaching this point he looks towards Han and decides to test him out to decide if he deserves to receive the page that would become his granddaughters lifeline. Hence Xiao Ling decides to ask Han the only question that he could not understand, the very same reason why this meeting came to pass, without waiting for Ye Hai to give him a reply he proceeded to ask Han a question. "Boy, why do you want the remnant temporal page? Even the old foggies like us have yet to understand anything about it, heck my family has been guarding it for over a millennium and we know nothing about it, what exactly do you want to do with it?"

    Listening to Old man Xiao's questions, Han cannot help smile as he inwardly does his creepy mid-boss laugh as he realises that the remnant temporal page has yet to be sealed within Xiao Ning'ers body. Looking at the both the old fossils curiously looking at him Han finally begins his explanation. "I want the page for knowledge and enlightenment, I do not know much about it myself, however all I can tell you is that there are quite a few of these pages out there, if I can absorb one, I will gain access to a lot of knowledge and information, If I am successful in absorbing one then I might be able to absorb them all and gain a lot of Divine knowledge, and if your going to worry about the future generations not receiving this knowledge, then there is much less to worry about as the pages should reappear once the person who absorbed them passes away as they are fractions of an ancient spiritual artifact of knowledge which fuses with one's soul."

    Upon listening to Han both Ye Hai and Xiao Ling are shocked, as both of their families have always secretly guarded one of these pages which these two old fossils inherited how can they not know that some amazing knowledge is hidden within them, now they are told that this amazing yet mysterious item they have been guarding is nothing but fragment of a divine item and yet even more shocking news which follows it that Han might be able to absorb and fuse it with his soul realm. They did not even feel that it is important to save the pages for future generations as they could just record the knowledge in their private libraries and have future generations read it. It would be better than leaving it aside, it took over a millennium for someone like Han to show up, the next one might take even longer, it would be better to use whatever resources one has while they can, being too miser could lead them to never use it and waste them, the legend rank scrolls their families had saved away is the best example as they have long passed their expiration date and gone waste, if they would have used it, so many lives could have been saved.

    Listening to Han speak Old man Xiao, no longer has qualms against handing over the remnant temporal page over to Han. He takes out a crystal pendant which was previously worn his neck.

    The pendant is far too ordinary looking and a few street venders might be selling something similar yet better looking for as low as 200 demon spirit coins. However before anyone within the room can think of anything further ahead old man Xiao crushes the pendant into bits, revealing an interspatial ring, from within the ring he takes out a exquisite looking small crystal box and hands it over to Han.

    As one would expect the moment Han opens the box he finds that it contains yellow cloth within the cloth lies a piece of remnant paper made of unknown material that's as thin as a cicada's wing. When sunlight shines on it, the sun's rays could even penetrate it a little and it is filled with densely packed words that are difficult to understand, the more one tries to study this paper the more mysterious it appears.

    The moments Han laid his eyes on the remnant page his heart's start to beat wildly. He feels a certain connection to it, as of the paper appears to be calling out to him.
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