14 Shit like this leads to butterfly effec

    The moments Han laid his eyes on the remnant page his heart's start to beat wildly. He feels a certain connection to it, as if the paper appears to be calling out to him.

    From the perspective of the elders Han enters into a trance like state the moment he grabbed hold of the remnant page, next he unconsciously bites his Index finger making it bleed a little and then proceeds to draw a runic circle with his blood in the middle of the air, right above the remnant page and starts inserting what little soul force he has into the runic circle, as the dumbstruck elders look on curiously not able to comprehend anything in this situation.

    By the time they came back to their senses, they notices that the temporal remnant page, has has began to glow with a golden light with blinds everyone within the room, moments later under the stunned eyes of both elder Ye Hai and Xiao Ling the temporal remnant page turns into particles of light and enters Hans body.

    Meanwhile Han had his consciousness pulled into the Library of the Supreme God the moment he grabbed hold of the remnant page. He was completely caught off guard and was confused with the sudden turn of events, before he can come to a conclusion the temporal page enters his body.

    The moment the temporal page finishes entering his body, it fuses with his soul realm and Han who was stuck in the library begins to lose consciousness, the moment he finally loses his consciousness his body begins to float up in the air with a golden pillar of light shooting above it, while Han is still in midair basking in the golden light all sorts of knowledge begin to enter in his brain, these consist of various cultivation technique's, knowledge regarding medicine, knowledge regarding the human body, knowledge related to alchemy, and finally knowledge related to runes and arrays.

    If Han was awake he would simply disagree as most of the knowledge he inherited mainly consists of knowledge about cultivation techniques and the human body which previously belonged to The Supreme God rather than the cultivation techniques themselves. While the knowledge related to alchemy, runes and arrays is in an even more pitiful state as he could only inherent them in the form of knowledge rather than experience, its in the same way as a person who has just received a book related to surgery and operations, though he is better than an average layman due to the book, he who has never been near an operation table can never do anything when compared to an actual doctor/surgeon.

    While Han is basking in the pillar of light and gaining all sorts of knowledge in the form of divine awakening and inheritance; the library of the Supreme God begins to change shape, from a single floored library it turns into one with multiple floors, while each and every floor appears as endless as the library's original floor (Though it only appears so in reality the library simply changed shape to one that would suit Han better).

    At the center of the library where an unconscious Han can be seen bathing in the pillar of light there are no books and it area seems to have turned a different room, if one were to look closer it looks similar to a garden created solely of a single tree 🌲 to exist, which can currently be seen as a newly planted seed right below the centre of the pillar of light.

    [Authors Note: So basically the Imagine the library to be a gigantic skyscraper which has a hole in its middle, the size of the whole is that of a football field, and yes you can also imagine the shape of the hole in the library to be like a glass or cup from a certain angle, and everything outside of the glass/cup contains books.]

    While all of this is happening within Hans soul realm, both Ye Hai and Xiao Ling can be seen looking at Han with a complex emotions on their respective faces as both of them have various thoughts going through their mind at this very moment.

    On one side Xiao Ling is both overjoyed as well as sad, he is happy as his family's millennium long responsibility is finally over and after this matter Glory city and humanity are bound to rise and the contribution that his family made will not be forgotten, they would be fairly rewarded as well, he is sad because since Han as absorbed and fused with the temporal remnant page completely he has no idea how to get it back, now without the temporal remnant page he has is out of ideas as he does not know any other way to change nor does he possess any other which can change one's fate & destiny. Thinking of this Old man Xiao now simply gets a headace as he does not know how to save his precious granddaughter from her terrible fate. He will have to sitback quitely and watch over her as he hopes Ye Hai can help save her.

    [Author : Marry her off 😂, in the future it will be the husband's headache.]

    Unkown to Old man Xiao Ling todays event changes things and as Ye Hai the supreme elder of the snow wind family had promised to look after his granddaughter, she never stays engaged with anyone from any family be it the Sacred Family or any other family as long she is against it, completely changing her fate.

    While Ye Hai the supreme elder of the snow wind family feels his mind has become chaotic enough as all sorts of thought's rush into his mind at the same time;

    Some thoughts tell him to ensure Hans loyalty stays with the snow wind family to ensure they can prevent humanity from degrading.

    Some tell him to kill Han while he is still young and yet to grow up and reach his potential, as the young man In front of him has someone with immeasurable potential being born with an azure soul realm, but now he has also fused with a supreme artifact unlocking the legendary divine knowledge itself. Now God knows how high his already limitless potential will increase upon his compression, now comes the problem that being if this youngster with limitless talents, ability and possibilities takes the wrong path it would spell the end of mankind, the Glory city his ancestry worked so hard to create and protect would fall with it. The Demon Lord is already a living example of what happens when such a once in a millennium born genius turns evil.

    There are various such though going through Ye Hai heads, however the thought which wins in the end is the most simplest thought which is to trust the kid, trust him for he is still young and innocent, later proceed to raise and guide him well and when he grows up and matures, throw away all the responsibilities and burdens that his old bones have been carrying over for half a century to Han and live a peaceful retired life. The equation is simple as it comes that is :

    Raise Han will and train him both in terms of cultivation and norals = He becomes the next city lord of Glory city = He has all the power in the world = Responsibility = He keeps the city and mankind safe = He has no time to do anything stupid. Thinking of this Ye Hai's face immediately eases up and his mind and body relax, his eyes which were full of confusion and tired of all the burden he has been carrying can finally relax, he feels as that the weight of the world that he has been carrying his entire life has been lifted from his shoulder.

    Unknown to anyone in the room, this change of mindset Ye Hai received enabled him to take the one last step in cultivation that countless people have yearned for, the stage for which he has cultivated day and night without rest for the last 50 years, with this step he is now one step closer or simple put now only half a step away, just a hairs breath from the perspective of many that all the  distance between that from the legendary Heavenly Fate realm as his first fate soul starts to take shape.
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