15 The last of the backstories

    After a few mins the Pillar of light finally disappeared and Han's body gradually fell down to the ground. While his consciousness remained in the Library, Han still remained unconscious within it as he slowly stated comprehending and digesting the knowledge he received. [ Authors note : Yes, I know this ** sounds stupid.]

    On the outside world Ye Hai and Xiao Ling noticed that after the Temporal Remnant Page turned into streaks of light and entered Hans body, he started floating up in the air for a second before falling back down, upon further inspection they noticed that Han is in a muddled state and no longer conscious, looking at this even a fool could tell that Han has received some sort of divine knowledge and should wake up after he is done comprehending it.

    Looking at the scene before him weather be it Xiao Ling or Ye Hai both of the old foxes 🦊 feel that this should not have been the first time that this child has absorbed one of the remnant pages or else he would not come and directly ask for the ownership of these pages.

    After thinking about this matter both of the old foxes 🦊 have a series of complex emotions running through them once again.

    Xiao Ling feels that he should not have given the paper to Han so easily, he should have asked him to take a look at his daughter-in-law first, alas who in their right minds would ask an Eight year kid to help cure someone, the fact that kid already possessed some kind of divine knowledge was not something that struck him, it is no wonder that this kid was the one from his prophecies, the one who would have the ability to break free from the shackles of destiny, how else would he do so?  Without the support of the remnant page which has the power to deny destiny it would only be a lot harder.

    While, Ye Hai who recently broke through a bottleneck does not know what to think, because before they arrived at the winged dragon 🐉 family Han had already passed him a list which contained the names of the items which he wanted as well as where to get them. Remembering how Han had managed to absorb the remnant temporal page without much difficulty and even pointed out towards the Heavenly Marks family where the next page lied, Ye Hai now believes that Han had the ability to find these pages, however Han had yet to mention the fact that the snow wind family also had one of the temporal remnant pages with them nor had he mentioned them to pass it to him, if this wasn't a test then what could it be ? Thinking of this and then looking at the sleeping Han, Ye Hai suddenly gets a chill on his back as he feels that he has yet to take this seriously.

    However in reality Han is not a 100% sure that on whether or not, the snow wind family actually haa one of the pages with them, he merely suspected it as he read in the novel that the remnant page was sealed within Xiao Ning'er in the form of a birthmark, then if he followed by the hypothesis that Ye Ziyun had a butterfly birthmark as well, it could hypothetically possible that another page was sealed within her as well, there were two reasons for this thought which were :

    1) Nobody in the world apart from Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun had even the faintest of memory about the original timeline where Nei Li as snort nosed kid. Both of them had a unique birthmark, hence it might be possible that following Xiao Lings example, Ye Hai might have sealed one page with Ziyun for her safety.

    2) Being born with a butterfly birthmark on one's chest is too weird a thing for Han to believe in, heck if that birthmark wasn't actually sealing a page in it why would she have some memories of her past thus the location of one of the missing pages is revealed.

    After calming down from his thoughts The Supreme elder of the snow wind family Ye Hai realises that Han shold be in a muddled state for quite some time, so hence forth without thinking anything else he thanked Xiao Ling for his help, as he grabbed hold of Ye Han disappearing from the room.

    By the time Xiao Ling came to Ye Hai had already taken Han with him and disappeared. Knowing that he has yet to bring up the matter to cure his daughter-in-law up in front of Ye Hai and the little monster Han, Xiao LIng cannot help but have a wry smile on his face, it was not that he believed that Ye Hai would renegade from his promise, he just felt that Ye Hai this old man monster would stay within the boundaries for a longer period of time this time as he sorts everything in the city, hence he might simply forget about the matter and concentrate of protection and strengthening the city. Thinking of this Xiao Ling  realises tha he needs to have a word with his son, that son of his face stopped cultivating for the past two years after the accident which send his daughter-in-law to a coma like state. Not only had his foolish son stopped cultivating, his cultivation had clearly shown signs of declining. Xiao Ling deeply feared that at this rate his son would fall back down to Gold rank 5 in a year, and down to gold rank 1 within a decade, if that really happened then he would not able to keep the family united and greedy elders might even take an advantage of him and plot to push him out of the patriarch's position.The one person that Xiao Ling fears that most is the descendants of his older brother Xiao Li.

    Thinking of his older brother Xiao Ling cannot help but remember about their past; Xiao Li was someone who was originally ment to inherit the position of the patriarch of the Winged Dragon Family, not only was he the most talented cultivator of Winged Dragon Family in his generation he was extremely protective of his family, he cared and looked after all his cousins as well and treated everyone in the family equally and impartially, reaching the stage of black gold rank before the age of 30, he was even publicly acknowledged as the future patriarch of the Winged Dragon family, fate however was not fair to him as his younger brother Xiao Ling who was completely inferior to his older brother in almost every angle was born with an extremely high affinity to the space-time attribute and was given the Heavenly Calculation Technique to cultivate.

    As fate would have it Xiao Ling had managed to successfully cultivate the Heavenly Calculation Technique and as per the ancestral rules of the family, Xiao Ling became the next patriarch of the Winged Dragon family, though he was extremely angry Xiao Li did not make things though for his brother while only requesting that his descendants to be given more resources than what they should receive [Authors Note : Descendants of Elders get less resources than those of the patriarch, in short he wanted his son to have a higher chance to get the seat since he failed]. Alas fate still betrayed poor Xiao Li as Xiao Ling's son Xiao Yunfeng dispite having less resources had managed to reach a huge foothold and become a Black Gold Rank demon spiritualist, he even had a very high chance of reaching the peak Black Gold rank at this rate.

    Feeling indignate Xiao Li started plotting things for the benefit of his descendants as he married his daughter off to Shen Hong the current patriarch of the Sacred Family.

    With the use of his Heavenly Calculation Cultivation Technique Xiao Ling even foresaw that the very precious daughter of Xiao Ling would later betray the Winged Dragon family and cause most if not all of their family property to be taken away by the Sacred family.

    When his brother brought up the matter Xiao Li did not trust him, as he completely trusted his daughter and as the elder in charge of the winged dragon families treasury if he continues to blindfoldedly trust his daughter the family will run out of resources to train the younger generation. Xiao Li also foresaw his brother taking his life after the incident, not because of guilt of losing all the family fortune, but rather due to the grief and sadness at the betrayal of his daughter. What shockes Xiao Li even more is that his neice would soon follow the footsteps of his father afterwards, sadly old man Xiao has almost ran out life force after looking into this matter and was not able to see how if his niece passed away due to guilt/grief or was she simply dispossed off by the Sacred family. It was a sad truth for the old man Xiao that due to the exhaustion of his life force he is no longer able to use the Heavens Calculation technique any longer, he even wonders if he could survive if he sealed the temporal remnant page within his granddaughter thinking of this he cannot help but remember about a certain 8 year old brat who swindled away his temporal remnant page and have a defeated smile on his face.
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