16 Why ?

    Glory City, City Lords Mansion

    After bringing Han back to the City Lords Mansion, Ye Hai handed him over to his grand daughter-in-law before entering closed door cultivation as hoped he could successfully break into the Heavenly Fate Realm, knowing that this grand daughter-in-law of his had once shown interest in adopting the child he felt a lot more at ease leaving Han with her and hence forth he decided that she would be the best one to look after him during his absence.

    Han unaware of any of this continued to sleep as he contemplated and absorbed all the knowledge that he received, he also started learning and comprehending all sorts of ancient intents written by ancient experts this matter delayed him for quite some time and he remained in a muddled state for over a month.

    Glory City

    One Month Later

    While Han was in a muddled state a lot of things happened and Glory City, Ye Hai the supreme elder of the Snow Wind family using his post and power had managed to stealthily gather all the items that Han had requested for.

    Ye Shuo from the Snow Wind family was responsible for collecting the items on Elder Ye Hai's order as the Supreme Elder was in closed door cultivation, Ye Shuo cannot help but have a deep frown on his face as he looks at an underground storage full of items he gathered from all over the Glory City. He cannot comprehend what in the name of the High Creators happened, it was just yesterday that he sent as report for Han to be brought to the Snow Wind family now the kids nowhere to be found, Elder Ye Hai who was already a peak legend rank demon spiritualist entered closed door cultivation, if he successfully breaks through who knows what might happen he has never even heard not even dreamed of anyone breaking into a realm above legend rank, heck he there not even a hundred people in the whole of Glory City since its creation who have reached legend rank. One can only imagine his pride when the elder just before entering closed door cultivation, ordered him to collect treasures and all sorts of items from every family in the Glory City, heck not even the Sacred Family was spared but after he had done so he is informed that it was collected at the request of Han and had nothing to do with the Supreme Elder, one can only imagine how badly he cried himself to sleep the day he learnt the truth.

    While all of this happened the entire Noble Families of the Glory City was in buzz as rumours of the new pills was leaked out within their circle and as one would expect it played an amazing role as a lot of family immediately gave away their treasures for the pills, this was a chance to not only train their descendants but also for those old foggies in the clan to brake through the bottleneck that they had been stuck in. Hence forth there was no problem but one when the Snow Wind family tried to collect the treasures from all over the city as every family other than The Sacred Family were more than just anxious to trade their treasures for the pills, some even feared that the pills were not enough and would be finished after a few families made their trade.

    The situation among the nobility reached a point where everyone wanted to get their hands on these fabled lost pills, things however turned extremely wild when news came out that the Heavens Marks Family a noble family which lied at the tail end among the aristocracy made a deal with the Snow Wind Family, this was a aristocrat family that most of The Glory City had never even heard about, some that did forgot that they even existed ! Now after such a long time, news comes out that they traded a few pieces of scrap papers and unknown junk for a lot of pills from the Snow Wind Family.

    Upon hearing this news the noble families felt extremely pressured, all they could think of was if a family like The Heavens Mark Family whose members and descendents consisted of nothing but country side bumpkins, they were literally country side farmers who grew crops and herbs in the mountain side. If such a family could receive so many pills then why can't they ? What treasure's could a group of no named farmer's who have been selling their ancestral properties for decades even have, whatever treasure's they once possessed should have long since been sold out and yet they managed to get so many pills ? Looking closely even a blind nincompoop can tell that the Snow Wind Family is trying to level things within the city and bring everyone on equal footings.

    This idea put the elders from these families under a lot of pressure as they realised that if a family like Heavens Mark family which received so many pills would surely grow strong in coming period of time. If such a no named farmer family overtook them then would have no other option but to dig a hole and bury themselves in it. This revelation struck the hearts of every aristocratic family as they took out all their treasures for these pills. They wasted no time as they let go of their reservations as they brought out all their treasures and antiques to trade for these pills.

    This act of distributing pills immediately brought the fame of the Snow Wind Family within the aristocratic families back to their peak as everyone of the noble family thought that the Snow Wind family had no need to collect so many junk items from various families, what use could a few scrap papers from the Heavens Mark Family have? Can anyone even read it ? Was all that garbage even worth one pill ? Unknown to everyone it was far more worth than what they could have ever imagine, it was just that no one other than Han or Nei Li could ever use them.

    One week, that was all it took for all the treasure's to be brought to the Snow Wind family following which they began creating Soul Nurturing Pills and the Soul Concentrating Pills to be auctioned or to be used for the sake of glory city, these uses include giving these pills to both geniuses from ordinary families as well as giving it to the city gardians, the squad responsible for protecting Glory City when a demon beast hoard attacks. It was a well known fact that everyone of these guards were atleast Silver Rank 1 Fighters, the stronger these guards were the safer the city would be, hence due to these actions the knowledge about these pills spread out all over the Glory City.

    When the news of the long lost Soul Nurturing Pills and the Soul Concentrating Pills, whose effects are over ten times and hundred times that of the Soul Assembling Pills, came out, Glory City was shaken.

    Because the effects of the Soul Assembling Pill is too weak and too pricey, many people were unwilling to purchase them leaving them without any elixir's to help them enhance their strength. However, the Soul Nurturing Pill and the Soul Concentrating Pill is not the same.

    The Alchemist Association has already announced the price of these two pills. The fixed price for the Soul Nurturing Pill is twice the amount of the Soul Assembling Pill. As for the Soul Concentrating Pill, its fixed price is twenty times the price of the Soul Assembling Pill, however the effects are times better. The effect of Soul Nurturing pills are ten folds better when compared to the Soul Assembling pills, while the effect of the the Soul Concentrating pills are around a hundred fold.

    The cost of raw materials for the two pills were far too cheap and easier to obtain when compared to the raw materials of the Soul Assembling Pill's, not only that the amount of raw materials that can be obtained are times more compared to the later, to add a cherry on top the effects of the two pills are times better as well. Due to these reasons large amount of these two can be produced, not only that these pills will be a lot more profitable as well. This action by the Alchemist Association immediately caused a huge uproar within Glory City.

    Everyone is looking forward to the sale of these two elixirs.

    Elder Ma however thought that this matter is not right, even though the price of these two pills is lowered and considerated cheap, it is only so when one looks towards it effects, when compared to its manufacturing price it is however still too expensive. Not only that the prices of these pills are still to expensive for the commoners to buy it. There are still so many families that cannot even send their childred to Orchid University, when the fee for the university is only 2000 Demons Spirit Coins a year, if one cannot even pay that such a small sum, how could they afford to buy even a single one of these pills, even if they save all their money for a decade they still cannot buy a single pill. That is where Elder Ma's belief come in; if the price is too high, it wouldn't be suitable for large scale promotion. Only when they promote these elixers at the lowest possible price can they the strength of the Glory City to increase the its maximum potential. Since the price to make these pills are cheap to begin with, so even if they sell these pills at cheaper rates they should still be able to make a huge profit, not only would it strengthen the city more there would also not be any loss as selling the pills cheaper will not like it would cause the Alchemic Association and the Snow Wind family to suffer a loss in this trade.

    The current idiology that the Alchemist Association and the Snow Wind family follow in this trade was setup by Elder Ye Hai, it is simply to earn money while enhancing the strength of the Glory City at the same time. They would later use this money to train those who show more talent, this is done to ensure that the pills are given to those who would have a higher difference  and enhance the strength of the city to its limit. Only if the Glory city is strong can they be successful in deterring the attacks of demon beasts horde.

    Some of the Soul Nurturing Pills and the Soul Concentrating Pills were leaked out by the Alchemist Association. Some Demon Spiritualist managed to get them and tried them out. The results of the pills were extremely good. Many Demon Spiritualists who did not manage to increase their cultivation for a long time, suddenly surged upon taking the two pills. This caused Glory City to be even more excited and filled with anticipation. Many ranked families were prepared to make large scale purchases of the elixirs, and use them to gloom the younger generations. These two pills might be able to create hundreds or even thousands of Demon Spiritualist in the future!

    The moment Soul Nurturing Pills and Soul Concentrating Pills were released, the originally declining Alchemist Association immediately rose up to the heart of all the ripples. Everyone is fighting for those two elixirs. The price of them was even crazily speculated in the Black Market!

    Before long, the City Lord Mansion released a an Emergency order to the Alchemist Association. They had to send every pill they make to the City Lords Mansion and buyer of those pills have to be consume it within a training ground setup by the snow wind family.

    This order was met with a large criticism as at was directly declaring that no one without the Snow Wind families approval had the right to buy these pills. Some even saw this as a direct monopoly over the pills.

    The Sacred on particular did not take this well as they directly started public protests over unfair distribution of pills, they simply feared that at this rate the Snow Wind family will continue to get stronger, poor Shen Hong even declared that he would go on a public hunger strike unless the Snow Wind Family gave up the right over the pill district.

    A few days after the antiques of the Sacred family started the City Lord Ye Zong personally declared that some people from the Dark Guild were trying to acquire the Soul Nurturing Pills and the Soul Concentrating Pills in large scale, which is the true reason which made the City Lords Mansion issue the emergency order. He even made a statement that those who sold or tried their best to sell the elixirs to the Dark Guild will be severely punished! Anyone who tries to betray Glory City or tries to prevent the City Lords mansion to function properly will be publicly executed.

    Upon hearing this Shen Hong was dumbstruck, this was a direct slap not only to him but also to the whole of Sacred Family, in his eyes Ye Zong was too soft and would never publicly look trouble with him, he had always tried his best to ensure that all of the families in the Glory City work together but now that very same Ye Zong publicly declared that if he Shen Hong did not keep his tail between his legs and cluck, Ye Zong would personally kill him while the whole of Snow Wind family would enusre the Sacred Family extermination.

    Shen Hong was a smart man, if not how could he become the Partiarch of the Sacred Family while his own father was also competing for that potion, he was quickly able to add Ye Zong recent declaration with the fact that he recently made a deal with the Dark Guild.

    The thing that scared him the most was the fact that the deal consisted of a simple fact that promised the services of both his and his family to the Dark Guild, in return he requested for the head of Ye Zongs wife along with a few other women, he originally wanted those women to join his harem who would have thought that none of them ever gave him a second look, if they couldn't be his they had to die. Now that he imagined that if the Dark Guild made their move and if, simply and "if" Ye Zong suspected him, this would not end well, the whole of the Sacred Family would fall and end, all he wanted was someone to tell him that he did not have a micropenis this is not what he signed up for. The current strength of the Snow Wind Family is not something he can fanthom, if not for the Dark Guild giving him their word that the Snow Wind Family will decline within a decade he would never have made any deals with them.

    While all of this thoughts were going through Shen Hong's head, the citizens of Glory City immediately became silent, the Snow Wind Family has always been the Leader of the Glory City and they have never taken any steps towards any family. Now they have publicly stated that if the Sacred Family had any link to the Dark Guild they would be slaughtered. This was too much to take in, currently the Snow Wind Family was at its peak, they had two legend rank demon spiritualists while they also had over a dozen Black Gold demon spiritualists there was no way for the Sacred Family to threaten them. However at this very moment the rumours regarding how the Sacred Family copied various inscription patterns and later claimed it to be made by them were once again spread causing the public opinion of their family to fall to the ground and hit rock bottom, even kids started addressing them as baddies and threw rotten eggs and tomatoes every time they saw a member of the Sacred family. After a while they chose to ignore it as the matters between the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family was not something they could speculate, one wrong move and they might end up offending one of these behemoth's, since they decided to take a step back, be a bit more realistic and look into the market and pills.

    The two elixirs already made the gazes of Glory City to be focused on the Alchemist Association. What would they this if Elder Ma were to declare that there are still three more elixirs that theyay refine.

    One of them is the Soul Tempering Pill, whose effects are ten times that of the Soul Concentrating Pills. Its effects could still affect a Black Gold or even a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist.

    Another one is the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill, which can greatly strengthen the body, allowing one's physique to improve greatly.

    Last but not least, the Nine Transformation Pill, which can save lives even when they substain fatal injuries.

    Sadly for Elder Ma he was just to distracted the moment he received the formulas from Han, he was so taken away from the matters regarding the Purple Haze Grass and the fact that Han had so much theorical knowledge that he did not check that the last three pills actually do have have their formulas listed, they were simply left either left blank or simply stated as XXXXX, this section originally contained something else, if Old Man Ma is able to guess correctly it should have been some other formula applied with an security lock to change the content after a few hours. How can the old man not understand this, when Han arrived here and handed over the formulas he simply made a deal, he went off and offered a few formulas to them, and if they kept their side of the agreement he would give them the rest of the formula's, however if they did not he could simply walk away abd never trust them. They had already seen the effect of these two pills and in due time they would only regret breaking the deal. Thinking that this simple trap was laid down by an brat who has yet to hit puberty was enough to send shivers down the old mans back.

    While the whole of the Glory City was absolutely quite after the city lords declaration the Snow Wind family was a mess, every single elder who was out exploring the outside world had been called back.

    The elders and the grand elders have all gathered in the underground, all of them have a frown on their faces as they look towards a bloodied figure whose neck was in Ye Zongs hang.

    While Ye Zong who stares into the eyes of one his uncle as keep a firm hold on his neck cannot help but ask "Why?"
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