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    Glory City, City Lords Mansion, Underground Torture Chamber.

    28 Days since Han had been asleep.

    There is pin drop silence as everyone within the room have their eyes on Ye Zong as he holds his grabs hold of his uncle Ye Tings neck.

    Ye Ting was Ye Zong's uncle and the nephew of Ye Hai this gave him a lot of prestige and respect, however at this moment no one in the whole Snow Wind family has any good will left for him at, he went beyond any acceptable limits the moment he attacked Ye Zong's wife, the poor lady has now been poisoned and no longer conscious. No one knew what kind of poison Ye Ting used, the only thing they knew was that the poison was transmitted to her from the food she ate.

    If not for the fact that she was taking care of the unconscious Han and had a lot of protectors assignment towards her, no one would have known it was Ye Ting who attacked her, nor would they have enough time to delay the effect giving her some time.

    A few days ago

    The moment Ye Zong found out about the attack he had far too anxious and stopped thinking clearly, however when the news came out that the person responsible for poisoning his wife was his own uncle Ye Ting, the anxious Ye Zong had clearly lost it. Upon confirming the news for the second time he just went off and directly destroyed Ye Tings soul realm turning him into a cripple straight away.

    It not for Ye Mo's timely return he Zong would have killed Ye Ting on the spot. The first thing Ye Mo did was knock his son unconscious and calmed things down, he had send Ye Ting to the torture chambers and had ensured matters do not spread out. He called upon elder Ma and any other person who was a proficient doctor. Ye Mo's main concern at the moment was to ensure the survival of his daughter-in-law.

    Moving aside to the doctors and other alchemists side, although they had received the city lords summons and had made their way towards the city lords mansion in their carriages, they were still not there yet. However the moment they received another summons and this time it was from Ye Mo's himself, they could no longer sit still as they abandoned their carriages and ran as fast as they could towards the city lords mansion, not caring about what the people thought.

    Upon arriving at the city lords mansion they were led to see Ye Zongs wife under the supervision of an elder with the cultivation of Black Gold Rank, he however was not a demon spiritualist of the said rank rather he was a fighter.

    After looking at the city lords wife's conditions for a few hours all that they could do was prolong her life and let her live for another month at most, they could not find which poison was used to inflict damage on her nor did they know what to do, they simply did not have any choice in this matter as they had a word with the city lord who never left his wife's side since the moment he woke up. " Respected City Lord Ye Zong, we have done whatever we could do and for now we can only delay the inevitable, we will do everything we can to save your wife, however we cannot guarantee success, we however give our very best in finding the cure for this poison, I just pray may we find it on time."

    This news came as a shock to Ye Zong, he had loved his wife from the day they first met, he never had any idea on any woman after meeting his wife, that is how much he loved her, now her life hangs on a thread and he knows there is nothing he can that might help her, this thought alone was enough to drive him crazy as his eyes turn red. Ye Zong stops thinking as he decides to go to the torture chamber to visit his dear uncle Ting, sadly he has to wait till his so called uncle regains consciousness.

    Present Day

    Ye Zong looks in the eyes of Ye Ting and waits for him to answer.

    Ye Ting who is looking at Ye Zong cannot help but have amused smile on his face as he begins to laugh out the moment he heard Ye Zong asking him why he did what he did. "Little Zong do you know who truly founded Glory City? It was our Lightning Family( Ye Family), but what happened now ? Everyone only remembers the Snow Wind Family, no body even remembers our branch. Little Zong did you know during the period of the Snow Wind Empire we the lightning family were just a branch family of the Snow Wind Family, neglected and looked down upon by the Royal Family of the Snow Wind Family. Then the dark ages descended upon mankind, the Snow Wind Royal Family along with their top experts took their family members and they disappeared, there were no traces of them left, what happened next is what you already know we of the lightning Family branch devided our experts into 2 division, one who went to fight the Demon Beast horde and the other who made their way here and found Glory City."

    Under the watchful eyes of everyone present Ye Ting continued; " The Five Legend Rank Ancestor's later founded Glory City, with Ancestor Ye Yan marrying a Princess of the Snow Wind family and later he founded the Snow Wind Family as a branch of our Lightning Family, now let me ask you a question when the royal family of the Snow Wind family disappeared where did they go ? Where did they Princess come from ? Don't have any answers right ?"

    Looking at everyone confused expression Ye Ting finally stops laughing and finally makes a serious face as he continues " Now let me ask you the final question, Where is the Lightning Family today? What happened to the family ? It is not that we disappeared, we just do not have any cultivation to have any position. Where did our cultivation techniques go? How can we stive to cultivate and have a higher cultivation base if we do not even have our ancestral cultivation techniques."
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