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    After Ye Ting finished speaking there was pin drop silence in the whole room, the environment stayed the same for a few minutes before Ye Mo simply steps infront and frees Ye Ting from the clutches of his son. He has Ye Ting sit down on a chair and before anyone can make any sense of what the old man Ye Mo was doing, the old man simply pulled Ye Ting's soul out of his body, this left everyone speechless however everyone of the elders expected this to happen, just not by the hands of Ye Mo.

    What Ye Mo did was simple, he executed a forbidden interrogation technique as he got pissed at Ye Tings attempt to sow discord among the elders. As soon as Ye Ting soul was successfully binded Ye Mo started his interrogation.

    The First Question Ye Mo asked his cousin-in-law was a simple one "What is Your Name"

    "My Name is Ting, Surname Ye from the Lightning Ye Clan."

    Without wasting any time Ye Mo simply got to the point with his next question "Where does your loyalty lie ?"

    Upon hearing the next question the spirit form of Ye Ting started hesitating as he tried to fight off the forceful interrogation, however after Ye Mo used more of his willpower and soul force the spirit form eventually cracked as he answered "My Loyalty lies with the Dark Guild."

    Upon hearing this answer not one of the elders were able to remain calm, Ye Ting was one of them, yet he had betrayed them and their family for the dark guild, the only thing everyone of the elders had on their mind was simple ("What if there is one more traitor among us and how can we tell if there is just one and not a second or third.")

    The moment this thought entered their minds the Snow Wind family was no longer as united as they once were. However before they could continue their thought of line Ye Mo immediately asked his third question " Why did you poison my daughter-in-law ?"

    This time Ye Tings spirit form answered easily "I was ordered by the second in command of the Dark Guild lord Long Lang himself"

    Upon hearing the name Long Lang every single person in the hall including Ye Mo had a huge frown on their face, this guy Long Lang was an old monster who served the Dark Guild's Demon Lord for over 50 years as his right hand man, he was a Legend Rank 4 Demon Spiritualist however what made him even more dangerous was the fact that he was someone with an awakened Red Dragon bloodline, this bloodline gave him an incredible boost in his physical powers and allowed him to have a physique which was in the realms of the Legend rank as well. This guy was both a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist as well as a Legend Rank fighter. Every single time the Snow Wind Family and Dark Guild fought Ye Hai would take on the Demon Lord while both Ye Mo and Elder Ye Hai's son would have to team up to face Long Lang.

    A few seconds later Ye Mo snapped out of daze and continued to ask another question " Why does the Dark Guild want my daughter-in-law dead ?"

    The reply Ye Mo got was something he was half expecting which was; " I do not know, I was simply following orders."

    As he looked towards Ye Ting with complex emotions on his face Ye Mo asked another question " Are there other members of the Dark Guild within the Snow Wind family ?"

    Instead of answering his questions this time the Ye Tings soul started trying to rebel and break free from the clutches of Ye Mo however it failed to do so, this went on for a few minutes however Ye Tings soul eventually failed, however his soul form now was full of cracks and appeared that it may break any time as he answered "Yes there other members of the Dark Guild within the Snow Wind family."

    Upon hearing this answer be it Ye Mo, Ye Zong or any other elder none of them were able to keep their cool as a lot of soul force had started leaking from their bodies in the form of cold energy [Author : Simply put they unconsciously started freezing their surrounding.]

    Suppressing the anger in his voice Ye Mo decides to ask his last question while he was trying to keep his calm "Who are these traitor's, name them."

    This time Ye Tings soul form refused to answer no matter how much Ye Mo tried and eventually the cracks on his soul form started increasing, this happened until his soul scattered away moving back into the cycle of life and death.

    While the situation with Ye Ting ended, none of the members of the Snow Wind could keep their calm any longer as each of them bid Ye Mo farewell and returned to their respective courtyards.

    Ye Mo and Ye Zong the father and son duo were the only one's left in the room after the rest of the elders had left the room, at this moment Ye Zong was extremely tired, he had never been so mentally exhausted his entire life.

    Thinking about Ye Tings words and the lighting family branch Ye Zong cannot help but have several doubts, in his opinion that particular branch should have the most traitor's in them. After this thought comes into Ye Zong's mind he cannot help but ask his father some questions " Lord father what are we going to do about the lightning family branch ?"

    Listening to Ye Zong's question Ye Mo had long since he made his mind " Ye Zong leave the matter over to your Uncle with your Grandfather Hai in closed door cultivation these people are simply trying to cause trouble and prevent him from advancing, your uncle is the current patriarch of the Ye Family and he the sole person incharge of managing the family. Don't let what Ye Ting said get into your head, Ye Ting was born with an Orange soul realm and we simply did not think highly of him or else how could not receive a cultivation technique, to make things worse he was not even born with a lightning attribute, he was born with an affinity with the fire attribute and that was the final reason why he never received any lightning attribute cultivation technique."

    The moment he heard his father's words Ye Zong was able to calm down a lot, his uncle was the true hair of the family, he had an older sister whom he doted on a lot and after her death he loved him a lot as he was her son, later his uncle appointed him as the next city lord, not only that his uncle had also chosen him as his successor to the Ye family. Sadly ever since his cousin the only female cousin the only child his uncle caught an unknown disease he had rarely met any guest's, but with this matter he should be back and once he returns he should be able to fix things. With these thoughts in his mind Ye Zong is able to let go of these thoughts and rushes back to his wife's side.
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