19 Wild Sage Emperor Appears.

    Glory City, City Lords Mansion

    A Few Hours After Ye Tings Demise.

    Han had finally finished his comprehension on Dao and various cultivation techniques, he had learned all the sorts of things about the human body, heck he had even passed through all the restrictions on that remnant page he absorbed and had successfully contracted the Temporal Demon Spirit Book just like Nei Li did, well he just did it better though.

    Currently within the heart of Supreme Gods library there is a seed planted, this very seed is something beyond one's imagination as it is the temporary seed of space and time, upon growing up it will become the divine tree of space and time which connects the space and time of the entire dimension. The original tree had been destroyed by the Sage Emperor, he later proceeded to create his array where the tree previously stood. This very array sealed off the boundless time, this event stopped people from traveling to and fro from the endless stream of time space. Within the centre of this array The Sage Emperor left his divine intent which allowed him to control the array giving him control over time, this control over time later gave him eternal youth and even allowed him to reform his body upon his death allowing him to resurrect countless number of times.

    Now unknown to anyone else the seed of that very divine tree is planted within Hans soul realm.

    Library of The Supreme God

    A few hours later

    Han has finally opened his eyes as he finally integrated with all that massive amount of knowledge, if there was anyone else in the library they would be able to see a young child with black hair and eyes looking at a small empty space which stands in the heart of the gigantic library, this place was exactly where the seed of the divine tree is now planted.

    Thinking about the seed Han cannot help but get curious and interested about this seed, this thing was literally the most OP object he would see in his life, too bad he does not know anything about it as the novel never described much of it.

    Unable to hold back his curiosity Han uses his soul force to scan the seed and try and understand anything he can from it, however he never should have done that, sadly there was no one there to tell him of the fact, as what he witnessed next destroyed his entire understanding of the whole story.

    The moment Hans soul force touched the seed he got pulled into another Dreamland, there he witnessed a gigantic humanoid figure who was completely hidden inside of a cloak.

    The gigantic figure stands infront of a destroyed gigantic tree as he cries.

    Before Han can make sense of anything he hears the sobbing voice of the figure.

    "Please forgive me, forgive me for what I have done. I did not want to do this, nor should things have gone this way. The boundless time and space is not something that morals should mess with, time is something that should not he messed around with, if I did not do this then things would continue to stay the way they are, no the way they were, endless wars shall continue which inturn will create countless people who will try to turn back the flow of time, those people would mean no harm but if all of them were to succeed then their actions will shatter the various laws which make-up the very core of our reality itself, there are already countless number of both humans as well as demon beasts who have gone back to past, they later tried all they could to change their past lives,and that in turn changed the future of those who did not live in the said past, there are also those who look into the future itself hoping to change it for themselves and improve the lives of those around them, however by doing so they destroy the destiny that should have belonged to someone else, in doing so these people had destroyed the very future from where they travelled back to past creating an irregularity, so far in the face of these irregularities the worldly laws were able to survive but the question still remains, for how long will they be able to hold on?"

    The man at this point of time seems to have stopped crying as he becomes resolute, "I shall seal the boundless stream of time so that no one shall be able to manipulate it, I shall later watch over the seal for Eternity so that no one shall ever be able to break it."

    The very next moment the man can be seen raising his hand and the destroyed tree starts transforming into a weird structure and finally forms into a very complex array.

    Han who had been watching this scene seems to have been shocking to core, his body starts disappearing as he leaves the dream world while his eyes seems to have never left the gigantic figure.

    Glory City, City Lords Mansion

    Han finally wakes after "Hibernating" for a whole month, however instead of showing a happy or enlightened expression all that Han facial expression screams were simple; Confusion. The Sage Emperor, that was what the identity of the Gigantic Figure, however the old monster did not look like the big bad guy which was described in the novel, rather someone who genuinely wished to save the world.

    Deciding that it was better to just let things out of his mind and cross the bridge when he reaches it, Han simply gets out of the bed to stretch his muscles.

    By the time Han finishes stretching, Ye Mo enters the room. The old man's face is full of exhaustion as looks towards Han.

    "Young man you are finally awake."
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