20 Waking up..

    Looking at Old man Ye Mo tired face full of excitement Han cannot help but have cold sweat run down his back, upon finding that Han has is awake the old man Infront of him started giving off the feeling of a 55 year old wizard who suddenly saw a naked super model Infront of him or as wise men would call it Ye Mo simply looked like an animal in heat. For a straight female loving male like a Han this feeling was too damn horrible, he wanted to do nothing more than throw this old fool inside the Demon Lords bedroom and run away to save his little life.

    Snapping out of his delusions Han looks towards and old man while trying to keep a straight face "Is there anything I can help you with lord Ye Mo ?"

    Knowing the condition of his daughter-in-law and timely waking up of the kid Infront of him Ye Mo is no longer able to calm down, the only thought in his mind was simply finding a way to save what little was left of his family, for him the age of the brat ment nothing all he needed was hope with all this complex thoughts in his mind he simply failed to look or simply put did not care what kind of strange expression Hans had on his face as he grabs hold of the little devil as fast as he could before yelling, "Follow me brat, its best if we make haste so hurry up" and hence saying so the pitiful yet weird old man drags the confused kid away.

    Following old man Ye Mo ( or rather simply put being dragged by the old man) Han finally arrives at Ye Zong's courtyard. Upon entering the courtyard Han could see plenty of old men running around and constantly arguing with each other, among those old fossils there were even some who were even creating pills and the smell of medicine filled the whole yard.

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    Not understanding what on Earth happened Han continues to get drugged by Ye Mo.

    Noticing Ye Mo enter some of the doctors continued their arguments while some of the Alchemists continued refining their pills without even noticing any change in the surroundings, while the rest of them gave Ye Mo a Bow out of respect while curiously looking at Han who was being dragged by Ye Mo like a chicken being dragged by a farmer to a slaughter house.

    Upon entering Ye Zongs house Han immediately spots dozens of people guarding a door most of them were gold rank fighters and spiritualists with a black gold rank or two were also secretly hiding among them, upon Ye Mo's arrival they immediately move away letting Ye Mo enter the door.

    Upon entering the door Han noticed that there were 5 people visible in the room, while there were a few more hidden and silently watching over. This was a very peculiar situation he found himself in as he could see Two ladies to be in asleep while old man Xiao sitting between them constantly transferring spiritual energy to them, while Ye Zong  and another man Han identified as Ye Yunfeng each looking at respective wives full of worry in their eye's.

    Upon noticing the arrival of Ye Mo and Han, Old man Xiao's eye light up while he immediately straightens his back, his reactions immediately cause the two men near him to tense up before looking towards Ye Mo and relax however this immediately turns into confusion upon noticing Han. Ye Zong the temporary City lord who has heard a little bit about Han from some members of the snow wind family immediately figures things out and looks towards his father with a hopeful look, while Xiao Yunfeng is left dumbstruck as he does not understand Ye Mo's reason to bring a kid here. Can they not understand how critical the situation currently is ? He Xiao Yunfeng could not even bring his own daughter here to say goodbye to her mother so what reason could the Snow Wind family have to bring this kid here.

    While everyone in the room is yet to react Xiao Ling starts explaining everything to Han, he starts as how his daughter-in-law had a problem in her cultivation a week prior to their last meeting, while continuing to let Han to know that he has been in a state of enlightenment ever since he entered the Winged Dragon family (well ever since he absorbed the temporal page) and it has been a whole month since and during which Ye Zongs wife was poisoned and how old man Xiao believes that his daughter-in-law should have been poisoned as well looking at how similar their current state is.

    After understanding the situation Han looks towards the women who appear to be sleeping soundly, from outside they appear to be sleeping soundly and appear as if they could wake up any time soon, upon sending a wisp of his mental and spiritual energy into their meridians Han could feel that they appear to be a bit blocked, further sensing it he could feel something else that should not be there mixed within the blood no doubt this should be the poison however the fact that shocked Han the most was he noticed some sort of energy constantly stopping the poison from spreading and multiplying. This requires a lot of control over one's spiritual energy, knowing this Han cannot help but give Xiao Ling a deep look after withdrawing his mental and spiritual energy.

    Looking at the four men looking at him with anticipation Han goes off to explain his understanding " Well so far their bodies have bot been damaged yet and with old man Xiao here the poison has been well contained and yet to spread too much. I am not a 100% sure but most probably the poison used here should be silver sleeper, its a combination of blue stinger sand scorpion's venom and the orange tongued mushroom 🍄, once mixed with a few herbs it is completely tasteless as well as odourless. Saying so Han focuses a little of his energy on his fingers and taps it on the unsuspecting Old Man Xiao's forhead passing on the daoyin technique to old man."

    Under the dumbstruck gazes of everyone present Han continues " With this technique of mine, old man you should be able to extract the poison in their bodies and not just supress it, this technique is not something to be taught to others I hope you understand this fact."

    While everyone's attention is towards Han, old man Xiao had already started to use the daoyin technique on his daughter-in-law and hoped to cure her as soon as possible. After a minute of slowly but steadily using the cheat like technique Xiao Ling had finally managed to extract some poison.

    The moment the poison was extracted, under the eyes of everyone present Xiao Ling immediately places and seals in something similar to a test tube. "Lord Ye Mo this bottle contains the poison, you know what to do with it."
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