1 freedom

    Cloud City.

    " Haha. Finally, finally, I am free from that devil. mmm....Huff what a beautiful day. "

    If you looked closer, this young man who was around 18 years old is good looking that you could even mistake him as a model. He had brown hair and its coiffed to perfection, his brown eyes had the same startling clarity as morning dew and the lineaments of his face were in perfect proportion to each other.

    " Hmm. But how could big brother has a lot of money, I have never seen him work before. Where did this money come from? "

    He saw money around 200.000 Yuan in his bag and it was a lot of money for him.

    " Big brother, I just sto.. no no I mean I just borrow your money around 200.000 Yuan in your secret place, you don't mind, right? "

    He then walked happily.

    " Woa, city girls are really different, they are so beautiful. Hm hm ok I decided that my top priority is to make many beautiful girls become my woman and he he. No no no I am not a playboy so how could I do that, one girl is enough for me. "

    " Hey hey look. That young man is so handsome. "

    A girl with medium length brown hair whispering to her friend.

    " What! Where is he? "

    A cute girl with long straight black hair asked her friend.

    " That young man who is wearing a red short-sleeve shirt and black jeans. "

    Answered the girl, pointing at Xu Yang.

    " Woa. What a handsome young man. " Said a cute girl with long straight black hair.

    " Where should I go? " Xu Yang was lost in thought.

    his was the first time he came to Cloud City so he had no idea where should he go to find an apartment and after searched for 1 hour, Xu Yang finally found an apartment.

    " Hmm. Not bad. Even though the apartment is not big but I am satisfied and the landlord is kind and sexy.  " said Xu Yang smiled as he lie down on the bed.

    " Element University will begin in three months but even though I have 200.000 yuan, it won't last until I graduate. what should I do? " after thinking for a while he found a solution and that was by doing business.

    " Alright, lets selling fruits. " because he didn't know business, he decided to start with a small business first.

    Four days later.

    " Good, today is the first day I am selling fruits. I can do it "

    Three days later.

    What the hell!

    I have been selling fruits for three days but not even one customer buy my fruits.

    What the hell is wrong with people in Cloud City? the location is good, the prices is cheap even the owner and seller  I, Xu Yang is good looking.

    Why didn't you buy my fruits?

    Why did you always buy coffee and cigarettes?

    It was bad for your body big brother big sister, fruits were good for your health. I even will pray so you could have a long life.

    Should I burn all coffee and cigarettes shop?

    Should I stop and force you to buy fruits in my shop?


    What should I do?

    Xu Yang took cigarettes from his pocket and smoke.

    two days later.

    " **. it looks like I am not suitable for doing business "

    Xu Yang closed his shop and walked to his apartment with sorrow, it was around 8.00 P.M.

    On the road, Xu Yang saw three gangsters and one woman across the street.

    " What are you doing? " she said angrily.

    " Big sister, we are a good man, we just want to chat with big sister. We are not gonna hurt you. " One of the gangsters looked at the woman with a lusting face.

    " You.." as she feeling hopeless she suddenly saw Xu Yang who was carrying a sword in his left hand.

    Was he an ability user too? Or sword master?

    She kept looking at Xu Yang but Xu Yang ignored her.

    Xu Yang just saw at them for one second and then walked again.

    What, gangsters?!

    Should I help her?

    That woman seems getting hurt and her clothes were dirty too.

    Was it time to play hero saving beauty?

    No no!

    Xu Yang shook his head. I would like to help you and woo you but if I were to help you beat them, they would try to find me for sure and if they found my shop and destroyed my shop, did you want to take responsibility for it?

    Even until now there was not a single customer buy fruits in my shop. You didn't have to worry, I would ask someone to help you.

    Sorry big sis I prayed for your safety. he continued walking like he never has seen them in the first place.

    Looking at Xu Yang who was ignoring her, she became angrier.

    " Honey.. you came? Honey, they are hurting me! Give them a beating. "

    She looked like a woman who was happy because her lover came to help her.

    Those gangsters suddenly looked at Xu Yang.

    Xu Yang was shocked by that woman words.

    What the hell!

    Big sis, we didn't know each other.

    What honey? Who is your honey?

    Why did you look so happy? I would ask someone to help you so you would be fine for sure.. or maybe.

    But now, they thought I am your lover.

    I saw nothing... I saw nothing.

    Xu Yang pretending he did not see anything.

    " Honey.. Are you going to abandon me? "

    She began crying as she looked at Xu Yang. she wiped her tears off with her sleeve hoping Xu Yang would help her.

    Xu Yang was astonished.


    Big sister, I saw you with full anger a while ago, how could you suddenly cry? where did those tears come from?

    You didn't look like an actress at all but you could even switch over from angry to cry in one second.

    You should stop whatever you were doing and become an actress instead, I am sure you could be famous quickly even you maybe became Oscar-winning actress.

    "Brat... Are you this big sister's lover? " asked Baldy gangsters as he looking at Xu Yang coldly.

    " No, I don't even know her. " Xu Yang answered with a faint smile.

    " Honey.. How could you do this to me? I.. I even gave you my first time yesterday. How could you..? " She looked like a woman that lost her lover who was mean the world to her.

    Xu Yang almost wanted to spit blood.

    Holy hell!

    What first time?

    Yesterday I was thinking about my shop and depressed a little you know.

    Why was it look so real when you lie?

    Big sis, you were a prodigy at acting, did you know that?

    " Tch. Big sis, look at him. Why did you date a loser like him? Date me, I promise to treat you well. " Those three gangsters laughed hard.

    " Oi, what did you say? " Xu Yang asked coldly with sharp eyes that look like it could pierce the human soul.

    " Hmm. I said a loser like you isn't suitable for this big sis. " said Baldy gangsters pointed at Xu Yang with his right hand.

    Xu Yang smiled coldly like a devil that found his prey after he was hungry for so long.

    " At first I don't want to interfere but you asshole forced me. I hate people who said I am a loser the most. You will regret it later. "

    He then walked to those gangsters with killing intent in his eyes.

    "  Regret it? This is the funniest thing I hear today. " said baldy gangster as he laughs loudly.

    " Be careful, that baldy gangster is an earth ability user. "  Said the girl with a worried face but She immediately felt happy because she had success to make Xu Yang helping her.

    One of three gangsters suddenly attacked Xu Yang with his right fist but he avoided it easily and counter-attacked with his right fist aim to that gangster's epigastrium.

    " Uuaaahhkk "

    The gangster vomited blood but Xu Yang didn't stop his attack and used his left leg to kick that gangster's head.


    The gangster fell on the ground unconscious.


    Everyone was shocked.

    But suddenly the second gangster made a move.

    Chance! He thought.

    The second gangster kicked Xu Yang aim to his head but Xu Yang blocked it using his right hands and took three steps forward.

    The gangster was shocked.

    He blocked it? Even though I attacked him from behind. it seemed this brat had a lot of experience in a fight or could it be he is an ability user too?

    " woi woi that was dangerous to attacked people from behind you know? " Xu Yang began using his sword but he didn't draw his sword from its scabbard.

    Baldy gangster sneered " what? Do you want to use that sword now? "

    " I don't have time to play with you. I still have something to do so both of you come together! " said Xu Yang coldly.

    Baldy gangster was unhappy by his word snorted " What? Do you want to fight both of us at the same time? don't think highly of yourself just because one of us got beaten by you brat. "

    Xu Yang just ignored them and smiled at them mockingly.

    " how dare you? Fine. let's attack together. " said baldy gangster angrily.

    They attacked together this time. one of them attacked him directly, while baldy gangster using earth ability.

    Badly gangster put both of his hands on the ground and suddenly one earth snake appeared in front of Xu Yang and attacked him, Xu Yang disappears from his spot and attacked that earth snake from behind using his word.

    The earth snake get destroyed but one of the gangster attacked from Xu Yang right side, he blocked it using his sword and kicked that gangster, that gangster got thrown off but before that gangster falls to the ground, Xu Yang appeared behind that gangster and attacked again.

    BANG! That gangster immediately fainted.

    One earth wolf attacked Xu Yang, he jumped and destroyed it by attacking its head.

    The baldy gangster made one wolf and one snake again using earth ability, its stood up beside him ready to attack to Xu Yang anytime.

    " you are not bad, brat. But I will end it here " Baldy gangster made his body full of earth except for his head.

    Baldy gangster and his earth animals began to attack Xu Yan but Xu Yang smiled coldly.

    " Cold-moon style of sword drawing techniques- first form. Mountain shattering sword. "

    Xu Yang suddenly appeared behind baldy gangster.

    " uuakkhh ".

    How could he do that?

    That sword tec.. before he had finished his word, baldy gangster fell unconscious with blood could be seen in his body and all his animals also get destroyed by Xu Yang attack.

    The woman was shocked!

    What happened?

    She didn't understand at all because everything happens so fast.

    Was he wind ability user or sword master?

    Could it be he is wind ability and sword master?

    Xu Yang then walking closer to checked out if she was fine or not but suddenly he noticed that she was an extremely beautiful woman.

    her brown hair descending down onto her waist, her blue eyes were like a deep sea, well-formed long legs, along with a massive pair of boobs that at least size 36D, she is like a lotus flower emerging from clear water.

    No wonder that gangsters did that to her. After saw that she was fine, he walked without saying a single word, pretending like a cool person.

    " Thank you. My name is Ying Yue. little brother, what is your name? are you wind ability user? " Suddenly a sweet voice rang out.

    Hm. Was I a success? Did I look cool right now? Thought Xu Yang.

    He turned around and cleared his throat " ehm. Big sister Ying. Are you truly a virgin? "

    Instead of answered Ying Yue question, Xu Yang asked something taboo to a girl with a straight face.

    she was shocked by his word but strangely enough, she didn't angry at him.

    she brought her face closer to his face and asked with seductive smiled " Hmm. Are you curious little brother? "

    " yes " Xu Yang answered quickly " because big sis Yin, why did you say I am your lover? you even said something like your first time "

    " because I wanted to turn their attention to you and heal myself first then assist you but it turned out they got beaten by you easily " she showed water that floating in her palm.

    Holy hell!

    She is a water ability user and she had used me when she healed herself.

    " so why did you fight with those gangsters earlier? " he said with a curious face.

    " this is my friend smartphone, she forgets it after we ate so I chased her to give it back but I couldn't find her and afterward you know what happened " she took a wallet from her bag and showed it to him

    " big sis your action is dangerous you know. What if I don't know how to defend myself, I would be in the hospital or die right now, you know! " he said with a serious face.

    " of course I will take responsibility. Do you think I am a cruel person? But I don't know you are good at fighting, to think they got beaten by you in no time. You must have learned a martial art for so long, right?  " she said as she smiled.

    " ah, that. Ahaha " Xu Yang laughed loudly.

    " but that move is really cool. What is the name again? Something like cold-moon sword drawing art, right? and are you an ability user too ? " she asked with sparkling eyes.

    " ehm let's forget about that martial art and ability user. Big sis even though you took advantage of me this time But because I am a kind person, I forgive you." He smiled beautifully, he then continued " I even took your first time so I will take responsibility and become your lover. "

    You took advantage of me and wanted me to let it slide with that praised of yours?

    Hell no!

    Haven't you heard a word of giving and takes?

    " what, lover? Little brother, you want to become this big sister's lover? " a charming smile appeared from her face.

    " I didn't say it. Big sis, you are the one who say it but don't worry big sis, I don't care about the age difference. I even love something like MILF, you know. " he said proudly but Ying Yue just giggled.


    It seemed I fail to become her lover.

    No no! he shook his head.

    Fail was not an option.

    " Big sister, how could you do this to me? After what I have done to you. I even forgive you for using me. Oh my heart, sorry for hurting you again, but I am proud with you my heart, it's been played and broken by this beautiful big sister but it still works. I will treasure you more from now on. " he shook his head and sighed. His eyes looked hollow and it seemed that he had lost all his strength.

    She giggled as she thought that he was a funny young man. " Hmm. What should I do? My criteria are high you know! "

    He immediately smiled and said proudly " no matter how high big sister criteria is, my love will be higher. "

    " love is not everything you know! " she answered with a serious face as she looking at him and said

    " I want some who is kind "

    " it's me "

    " caring "

    " it's me "

    " taller than me "

    " it's me "

    " mature "

    " it's me "

    " good-looking "

    " I am the most good-looking person in the world "

    " can protect me "

    " mm mm it's me "

    " humorist "

    " it's me "

    " smart "


    " faithful "


    " Gentleman "


    " and rich. That all "

    Cough Cough Cough.

    Was there a man that perfect in this word?

    Just go marry anime character.


    I give up, I give up.

    " hehehe I am kidding little brother. Did you take that seriously? " she laughed and covered her mouth with her hands.

    He felt his blood freeze.

    Holy hell!

    Big sis, you..you.. you tricked me?

    I was your goddamn hero, you know!

    You were supposed to praise me, hug me or kiss me, but you.. you...


    Forget it, If I were angry for too long it would affect my handsome face.

    " Alright big sis, I have to go to my apartment, there is something I have to do. " huffed Xu Yang, barely glancing at her. he didn't care anymore.

    " What? Do you want to leave this big sister alone? What if those gangsters come again? at least take me to the parking area. " she said with a seductive voice.

    " Alright, alright " Xu Yang answered.

    5 minutes later they were in the parking area. He saw a luxury car.

    This big sister was a rich woman?

    What a beautiful car.

    " We have arrived " she took out her car keys and get in that beautiful luxury car.

    " Little brother, what's your name? you haven't answered earlier. " she opened car's window and smiled.

    " Xu Yang" Xu Yang answered with a flat voice.

    " little brother Xu Yan, thank you for helping me today" she then waved goodbye to Xu Yang and drive off.

    Xu Yang then walked and after arriving at the apartment he takes a shower.

    What should I do to make people buy fruits in my shop?

    Somewhere in secret place.

    A mature man saw a letter near the money he keeps, it says " big brother thank you for giving me 200.000 yuan, you are the best".

    " you, little bastard " that mature man shouted loudly.
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