22 new employee

    " what are you thinking about " Yun Xin'er walked toward Xu Yang

    " I just thinking about my shop? What should I do with my shop when I enter university? " said Xu Yang as he looked people outside through the window.

    " you mean your fruits shop " said Xin'er

    He was shocked and said " how did you know? "

    " your landlord said that you open fruits shop here ? " she said as put food down on the table.

    He had been thinking this for two weeks. University entrance exams were already near and if he were to become a student he would be very busy and had no time to open his shop.

    He knew the reason many customers buy fruits in his shop was because of his handsome face and private service so if he didn't appear in his shop, they would not buy fruits anymore.

    He already searched for a handsome man and beautiful girl but none of them want to work for him.

    " I know that your shop is doing well, but it's because you use your handsome face, right? " she said and then added " and because you want to become a student in university, you will have no time to take care your shop and you already searched many handsome and beautiful girl to work for you but none of them want to work for you, right? "

    Holy hell !

    How could she know everything? don't tell me she could read other people's mind?

    " I can help you, you know ? " she said as she looked at him

    Xu yang was happy and grabbed her hand "really? "

    " un " she said as she smiled.

    " thank you " Xu yang unconsciously hugged her.

    She was shocked by his sudden hug " I will call Chen Ao after you fully recover. "

    Xu yang realized that he hugs his sister-in-law and he immediately let it go. He turned his head and said " sorry, I am very happy so I did it unconsciously "

    She giggled and covering her mouth " don't worry about it. Hurry up and eat your food "

    After he ate his food, he looked at her " sister-in-law, when will you leave?.. no.no... I mean are you going to live here until I fully recover? "

    " What ? are you going to kick out your sister-in-law? even after I take good care of you ? " she said with a scowl, then she stood up " fine, I will leave right now "

    He immediately held her hand " no..no. I mean do you not have anything you want to do? "

    How could he kicked out his sister-in-law after what she has done. she brought him to his apartment when he fainted on the road and she also takes good care of him until now.

    Even though her word sometimes sharp like a knife but he really thankful because she was there when he needs help, he didn't know what happens if sister-in-law was not helping him that time.

    " I don't have anything to do right now. So you should take me to your favorite place once you recover " she said as she smiled.

    Favorite place? My favorite place was that lake. Yes. The scenery in that lake was really beautiful at night " ok, I will take you there. I am sure you will like it "

    She looked at him and asked curiously " where is it ? is that place have beautiful scenery? "

    " of course it is, but the best time is to go to that place at night because at night the scenery in there is really beautiful " he said proudly.

    She then raised her little finger and smiled "promise? "

    he crossed his little finger with her little finger and smiled " promise "

    " good. Now, use your water element and make your wound recover faster using healing water " prodded Yun Xin'er.

    Xu Yang was scratching the head and said awkwardly " sister-in-law, the truth is I still don't know how to use healing water "

    " tch what a useless person. You should stop using your wind ability, use your water and ice abilities more often so you can be more useful " she said as she crossed her hands in front of her chest.

    Xu Yang felt his blood freeze.

    Sister-in-law, If you kept saying something like that, my recovery would take longer you know?

    How could you say that to a patient?


    " but many people already know that I am wind ability user " he said with a sad face " if they know I use water or ice element, they will know that I am the chosen. I.. I.. "

    Before he had finished his world, she immediately said expressionlessly " you hate it when people look at you like you are a goods and when they race to own you, right? "

    He lowered his head " I am sick of people like that. So I won't use another element unless there no other option "

    She then touched his shoulder and looked at him deeply " it's because you are weak. "

    Xu Yang was shocked by her words but he suddenly realized that she was right. he was weak to the point, he needed his big brother or his grandfather to help him in the past.

    One of the reasons he runs away from home was to change himself, to become stronger. He didn't want to become a burden for his big brother or grandfather anymore.

    " If you are strong, they won't dare to do that and you can live whatever you want, the chosen is a threat for other ability users " she said " there are two option for the chosen. Become strong and stand above all or die before you become strong. Of course, they will try to recruit you first, but if you refuse it, you will become a threat for them so they will try to kill you "

    Xu Yang promise that he would become stronger, strong enough to protect his big brother and grandfather because they were the last family that he had.

    Two days went by quickly and Xu Yang already fully recovered.

    He suddenly saw Yun Xin'er come with a man. she told Xu Yang that this person would help him taking care of his hop.

    That man is around twenty-one to twenty-two years old and he is a handsome man, even though not as handsome as Xu Yang but it was enough to make customers keep buy fruit in Xu Yang shop.

    Xu Yang and Chen Ao went to Xu Yang shop. Xu Yang then taught him everything and many customers also like him so Xu Yang felt really happy that day.

    Xu Yang also told him to take a break one time a week and if he wanted a companion, he should tell Xu yang about it.
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